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This article is about the Hero's Clothes from The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. For the Hero's Tunic in Tri Force Heroes, see Hero's Tunic.

The Hero's Clothes is a green garment that appears in The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. It has passed through generations and is destined to be worn by the hero chosen by the Goddesses.


The Wind Waker

Link receiving the Hero's Clothes in The Wind Waker HD
At the beginning of the game, Link wears pajamas. When Aryll comes to surprise Link on his birthday, she says that Grandma is waiting for Link to come down to the house. When Link comes down inside to talk to Grandma, she gives Link the Hero's Clothes and says that it is a tradition that when a boy becomes the same age that the famed Hero of Time was when he saved the world, they have to wear his signature green tunic and outfit to symbolize them becoming a man. Link wears these clothes throughout the game.

Twilight Princess

When Link fills the Vessel of Light and saves Faron the Light Spirit from Twilight, Link awakens with the Hero's Clothes on and Faron tells him that they were once worn by the ancient hero chosen by the gods.


  • When the player has completed the game once in The Wind Waker and continues to play with the same file, Link does not acquire the Hero's Clothes, but instead wears the pajamas throughout the game.
  • The Hero's Clothes can be acquired in Animal Crossing: New Leaf from Fortune Cookies along with the Hero's Cap, Hero's Pants, and Hero's Boots. Other Zelda-related items that can be acquired in the game include the Master Sword, Triforce, Midna's Mask, Majora's Mask, Makar's Mask, and Tingle Hood.