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Mail Sorter



Koboli is a Rito postman who appears in The Wind Waker.


Koboli can be found in the main section of Dragon Roost Island, behind the mail counter on the top floor, where he spends his time sorting mail. He has very little help due to the recent fiasco with Valoo and the fact that all the other Ritos have been patrolling at night.[1][2] He repeatedly asks Link if he is willing to help out, or if he knows anybody that is looking for work.[3][4]

Link can take Koboli up on his offer to help him with the mail. However, Koboli will first need give him a little test, to see if Link is up to the standard he needs for the job.[5] This will allow Link to take part in the Mail Sorting mini-game.

Mail Sorting

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After talking to Koboli, Link is able to help out with mail sorting, which begins the Part-Time Job sidequest. Link will need to match the seal on the envelop with one of the six slots in the Mailing Center.[6] Initially, Koboli asks Link to sort 10 pieces of mail within the time limit and will reward him with 1 rupee per every 2 letters.[7] Koboli will then ask Link to sort 20 letters and will award him with 1 rupees per letter.[8] Next, if Link is able to sort 25 letters, Koboli will pay him 3 rupees per letter.[9]

Successfully sorting 25 letters with Koboli will allow the Mailing Center to catch up, but it also triggers Koboli to be able to hire a part-timer.[10][11] The next time Link leaves Dragon Roost and returns to the Mail Center, Baito, the new part-timer will be working. Link then can then speak with Baito, who wants to see Link's legendary 25-letter sorting ability.[12] After successfully doing so, Baito will give Link a Note to Mom, a letter which he asks Link to drop off in the mailbox.[13][14] Link will later receive a letter from Baito's mother, Kashiko, and it will contain a Piece of Heart.

After completing this quest, Koboli will later re-appear at the Mailing Center. Link can speak with Koboli at any point and continue to play the Mail Sorting mini-game. Link will only be rewarded with rupees if he can get a new personal high score.


Koboli Figurine (TWW).png Birthplace: Windfall Island
Occupation: Mail sorter
Koboli is the third generation in a family of postmen, but rumor has it that an ancestor of his in an age gone by was also a postman...



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