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Kreeb is a character in The Wind Waker, resident on Windfall Island.

The Wind Waker

Kreeb can be found near the top of Windfall Island, near the windmill. The easiest way to reach him, is by entering the Sinking Ships mini-game, and then heading up the stairs to get back outside. Kreeb wears a distinctive yellow hat and spends his time next to the windmill, lamenting the fact that it no longer spins due to unfavorable winds.[1] He is pretty confident that the windmill is not broken and all is needs is some favorable winds, and then the power switch can be hit to get it going.[2]

The wind needs to blow to the north for it to get going. If the wind is blowing in any other direction, Kreeb will comment about which direction it is blowing in.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

Link restarts it by using the Wind Waker to change the wind's direction to North and then stepping on the switch, located up the ladder just being the Sinking Ships game. Once the Ferris Wheel is operable, Kreeb seems excited that it is finally working.[10] He encourages Link to take a ride on the Ferris Wheel.[11]

Kreeb mentions that the tower was actually once used as a Lighthouse and it was a safety beacon for those at sea. However, the flame has long been extinguished. He bets that the lighthouse would still light up if somebody gave it a little spark.[12] Link can ride the windmill to rekindle the lighthouse at the peak. Kreeb will then give him a Piece of Heart as a gift.[13]

During the Endless Night, Kreeb can still be found standing outside, despite the constant thunderstorms. He comments that a little rain isn't bad at all and that he actually missed getting a bit wet.[14]


Kreeb Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Least Favorite Proverb: "Only smoke and fools love high places."

This young guy's trademark is his yellow hat. He seems to have an unusual interest in the town's ferris wheel and lighthouse.



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