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Figurine of Skett and Akoot







Akoot (friend)

Skett is a character who appears in The Wind Waker.


Skett is one of the Chieftain's guards, the other being Akoot. He and Akoot are childhood friends, almost identical in appearance, and the two are very close to one another. Like Akoot, Skett is very diligent and serious about his job. Skett often plays off of Akoot when he speaks, such as continuing a sentence Akoot started, or suddenly switching between themselves when speaking to Link.

When Link first arrives at Dragon Roost Island, Skett and Akoot can be found in the Rito Aerie, along with the Chieftain. All three then head off and they are next seen after things have returned to normal at Dragon Roost. Skett and Akoot can then be seen standing behind the Chieftain inside on the second floor, guarding the doorway that leads to the higher level balcony, over the Dragon Roost Pond.

When Akoot thanks Link for his work at Dragon Roost Cavern, Akoot will turn to Skett and ask him to show his appreciation as well.[1] Skett then obliges, showing his appreciation as well.[2] If Link speaks with Skett first, he'll thank him directly as well, and then turn to Akoot to get reaffirmation[3] Akoot will then thank Link as well.[4]

Later when Link returns to Dragon Roost, he can speak with Skett who tells Link that Prince Komali has gone to Dragon Roost Cavern to study. He once again turns to Akoot to get affirmation.[5] Akoot confirms this and tells Link that Komali told them to give Link his regards.[6] If Link talks to Akoot first, he mentions that Medli is busy with her attendant studies.[7] He asks Skett, who confirms this and asks Link to come back and see her some other time.[8]


Skett & Akoot
Skett & Akoot Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Occupation: The Chieftain's Guards

Skett and Akoot are said to be number-one and number-two Ritos when it comes to talent and strength, which is why they are the chieftain's guards.

The main reason they get along so well is because they are childhood friends. Their style of speech can be considered somewhat antiquated.



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