Prince Komali's Grandmother

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Prince Komali's Grandmother





Attendant of Valoo




Rito Chieftain (son)
Prince Komali (grandson)
Medli (student)

Prince Komali's Grandmother is a character who passed away right before the events of The Wind Waker took place. She is the mother of the Rito Chieftain and grandmother of Prince Komali.

Prince Komali's Grandmother was a kind, brave and great woman and very close to her grandson Komali. She passed away right before the beginning of Link's adventure, causing Prince Komali to become very upset and shut himself away from everyone. Prince Komali's Grandmother was once the attendant of Valoo and the keeper of Din's Pearl.[1] She passed on the pearl to Komali after her death, which he kept close to him at all times because it calmed him.[2] Komali is certain that his grandmother would have been able to calm down Valoo if she had been alive.[3] During her life, she also spent her time teaching Medli, her successor as an attendant, the language of Valoo. Medli explains that Komali's grandmother noticed her carrying her harp one day and saw her fate in the curves of the instrument, and therefore took her in as an student.[4] Medli feels that Komali's mood is partially her fault, as she is not as great a woman as his grandmother.[5]


  1. "My grandma used to be Valoo's attendant. She was the only person on the island who understood Valoo's language." — Komali, The Wind Waker.
  2. "What? Oh, this...? It's strange... Holding this calms me down. I forget all the bad things. It's so pretty, isn't it? It's called Din's Pearl. My grandma gave it to me." — Komali, The Wind Waker.
  3. "Oh, Grandma... If she were here, I know she could calm Valoo down. I just know it... But my father and the rest? No matter how hard they try...they'll fail. I know it. No one else can calm Valoo down. It's impossible..." — Komali, The Wind Waker.
  4. "This instrument is called one of fate's tools. Prince Komali's grandmother saw me carrying it one day and called out to me to stop. She'd seen my fate in the curves of the instrument, you see. She eventually became my teacher, and that's how I became the attendant you see before you today." — Medli, The Wind Waker.
  5. "I may be partially to blame for the bad turn that Prince Komali's taken... See, Prince Komali's grandmother was the great Valoo's former attendant. She was an amazing woman. I was honored to have her as my teacher... She was kind and brave, and unsurpassed in her dealings with the great Valoo. I'm not yet worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as her. If only I'd possessed some of her strength, I'm sure Prince Komali would have felt more secure." — Medli, The Wind Waker.