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Garrickson is a man who lives on Windfall Island in The Wind Waker.


He lives on Windfall Island, and constantly sends love letters to a person he is in love with very often. The person, however, never responds to his letters, and appears to be rejecting Garrickson. Despite this, he continues to send letters to this person in hopes that she will respond.

When Link first arrives at Windfall Island, he can talk to Garrickson to learn about the Postbox. Garrickson teaches Link how he can deposit letters in the postbox.[1] Garrickson is constantly walking back and forth from the postbox, sometimes forgetting if he actually delivered a letter.[2]

In a sidequest, Lenzo asks Link to take pictures of certain characters on Windfall Island. Garrickson is one of these people. Link must follow him to the postbox and remain unseen. When he reaches the postbox and deposits the letter, Link must take a picture of this using the Pictograph Box. If Link shows this picture to Garrickson, he will say that he would never do this for anyone but his true love, and that he does not feel guilty.


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Birthplace: Windfall Island
Personality: Passionate

He is constantly thinking of someone on a faraway island. He's apparently a very passionate man, and he has a very hip sense of fashion.



  1. "Hey there, boy! Did you happen to see the postbox down near the docks? Well, just so you know, if you want to send someone a letter, just set it to [Y], [Z], or [X], and use that button to put it in the postbox. It's just that easy. Before long, the Rito postman will come to deliver it to whomever you've sent it to. He's a hardworking fellow, I tell you!" — Garrickson, The Wind Waker.
  2. "Let's see... Was that all I needed to send? I didn't forget anything, did I? Dang! I DID forget to send something! What a drag..." — Garrickson, The Wind Waker.