Fado (The Wind Waker)

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Spoiler Alert! This article describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
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Wind Sage







Makar (descendant)

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Birthplace: Kokiri Forest
Personality: Somewhat saucy
Long, long ago the Kokiri sage, Fado, offered up his prayers in the Wind Temple so that the Master Sword would continue to house the power to repel evil.

Fado is a character who appears in spirit form in The Wind Waker. He was the Wind Sage, spending his life praying to the gods to keep the Master Sword's power of repelling evil. Knowing this, Ganondorf sent Molgera to kill him, causing his spirit to stay inside the temple waiting for the next Sage of Wind to come. When Link meets him, he teaches Link the Wind God's Aria and tells him to play it with someone who is to be the next sage to awaken them and bring them to him. After Link plays the song with Makar, he brings him to the Wind Temple. Once there, Link conducts Makar in the Wind God's Aria, and Fado plays along with him. After beating the boss of the dungeon, Molgera, Fado is seen playing along with Makar to power up the Master Sword, but after that is never seen again.

Fado's Legendary Pictograph can be purchased from Lenzo during a Waxing Crescent Moon.