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Anton (boyfriend)
Sue-Belle (best friend)

Linda is a character in The Wind Waker.


Linda lives on Windfall Island and is best friends with Sue-Belle. During the daytime, she can be found standing at the higher end of Windfall Island, near where the Killer Bees are marching around. Linda can be seen wearing an orange outfit and will ask Link what he thinks of it. The clothes that Linda wears are a bit more unique and not something commonly worn.[1] The outfit she is wearing was sent to her by Sue-Belle on Outset Island.[2]

Throughout the game, Linda is completely oblivious to the affection her childhood friend, Kamo, shows towards her.

The Secret Couple

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As part of the Lenzo's Pictograph Assistant Side Quest, Lenzo tasks Link with finding a man and woman who are secretly in love with one another, but for whatever reason, they have not spoken. Lenzo cannot let this go and wants to become Cupid, archer of love.[3][4][5][6]

Lenzo is referring to Anton and Linda. Wait there until Anton walks all the way around Windfall Island and then right by Linda. He stops for a moment, turns, and shares a glance with Linda. Link will need to take a Picto Graph, right when they exchange the glance. After showing this picture to Lenzo, he will comment that he didn't even know the extent of their passion for one another. He thanks Link and tells him that he is proud to call Link his assistant.[7][8] This will complete the Pictograph Assistant quest, giving Link the Deluxe Pictobox.

Playing Cupid

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While standing around, Linda will see a lot of people walk on by, including Anton. She wishes that someone would stop and notice her.[9]

Linda later speaks with Lenzo to have her fortune told. Lenzo tells Linda that she needs to have her Pictograph taken, and then show to the one who has captured her heart. This will cause true love to blossom.[10] She notices that Link has a Picto Box and will ask him to take a Pictograph of her.[11] She wants Link to capture her full body, as she wants to show off her outfit that she's wearing.[12] After taking the picture, she asks Link to take it to her admirer.[13] Linda then waits patiently, wondering when he will come, hoping he comes tomorrow.[14]

Link will then have to show the Pictograph to Anton, who initially doesn't quite have the courage to ask Linda out on a date, but he eventually builds enough strength to do so.

After a full day cycle, Anton and Linda can later both be found at the Cafe Bar. Anton has finally worked up the courage to ask Linda on a date and it was the right move, as Linda likes him.[15][16] Linda comments that the two of them are going to start dating and asks Link if they make a delightful couple. She awards Link with a Piece of Heart.[17] She is so thankful that Link delivered her Pictograph to Anton, as it is what brought the two of them together.[18] After another day goes by, Anton and Linda can then be seen in the center of town, just outside of Mrs. Marie School of Joy. They are so happy and thankful to Link.[19][20]


Linda Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Best Friend: Sue-Belle

Lately, her childhood friend, the delicate Kamo, has become smitten with her, but she's apparently completely oblivious to his feelings.



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