Walkthrough:Great Sky Island (Tears of the Kingdom)

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The Great Sky Island Walkthrough is a full guide for the first part of Tears of the Kingdom, mainly focused on Link's time on the Great Sky Island.


  • During the prologue, there is a direct linear path that Link and Zelda will travel through. There is no deviation here and no collectibles to be found. Other than fighting three Keese, there are no other enemies. Simply progress onward and enjoy the introduction to the game.
  • When Link awakens, he can run ahead to find the Decayed Master Sword. Link can use that sword to slash the vines and exit the room.
  • Link can examine the green glowing circle here, which will cause a warp portal to appear, as well as the door up ahead to open.
  • The next series of rooms are fairly linear, requiring Link to dive down three times. After diving down three times, Link will find a treasure chest which contains the Archaic Legwear. Link can equip this immediately to increase his defense.
  • Run outside and dive down, which causes the opening cinematic to appear. At the very bottom, Link will dive down into the water, arriving at the Great Sky Island.

Reaching the Temple of Time

  • Run ahead and Link will find a Tree Branch, as well as various other materials, including Skyshrooms, Apples, and a stronger Wooden Stick. Up ahead, Link will encounter a Soldier Construct I. Link can simply use his Decayed Master Sword or a Tree Branch to attack the enemy.
  • Link can examine the Steward Construct up ahead and it will give Link the Purah Pad. This will begin the Find Princess Zelda main quest. Afterwards, examine the nearby altar to cause the bridge to appear.
  • After crossing the bridge, Link can jump down to other Sky Islands down below.
  • From here the world opens up a little bit. Link can find a Cooking Pot, there are some more enemies, and other materials to find. There are a few Steward Constructs that will help instruct Link on some basic abilities.
  • Continue traveling north until you reach the Temple of Time. A Soldier Construct here has an Old Wooden Shield, so Link will need to wait for it to attack to make it vulnerable. Alternatively, it will take numerous attacks to knock the shield back, making the enemy vulnerable.
  • At the Temple of Time, Link can examine the door, but he's not able to open it. Here, he will meet Rauru. He suggests powering up Link's Arm from the various Shrines found on the Great Sky Island. This begins The Closed Door main quest.

Learn Ultrahand at Ukouh Shrine

Main article: Ukouh Shrine
  • From the Temple of Time, head west and Link can drop off or climb down the broken steps.
  • The path to the Ukouh Shrine is fairly straight forward, but there are some enemy Constructs that shoot arrows out towards Link. They can be defeated to pick up additional Bows and Arrows.
  • As you travel north towards the shrine, jump across the small pond and climb the spiral staircase, leading up to the shrine. The steps are broken along the way, but Link can climb the wall to scale higher. Examine the shrine to create a warp portal to quickly get back here in the future.
  • In the first room of the shrine, use the new Ultrahand ability to grab the platform and extend it across the gap, creating a bridge.
  • For the next puzzle, use Ultrahand to attach two platforms together, creating an even longer platform. Use it to extend across opening and cross over.
  • In the corner of the room here, there is a treasure chest up above. Link can use that same platform he just created, to make a ramp, allowing him to reach the chest. The treasure chest holds an Amber gem.
  • Run ahead and grab the square wooden plank, placing it on the ground. Then grab one of the hooks and attach the bottom of it to the center of the wood. Then grab the newly created device and attach the hook onto the rail. Quickly jump on top of the wooden platform and the hook will glide the platform down the rail. At the end of the shrine, examine the altar to acquire a Light of Blessing.

Learn Fuse at In-isa Shrine

Main article: In-isa Shrine
  • There are two shrines that Link can travel to on the Great Sky Island, but heading to the In-isa Shrine is a bit easier. Just southeast of the Ukouh Shrine, climb up a series of steps to find a large rail. On the ground next to the rail are some wooden platforms and a hook. Use Ultrahand to attach a hook to the center of a wooden platform. Then place the hook onto the rail and jump onto the wood. Ride the platform down the rail to the west.
  • In the next area there are a bunch of trees and some axes that Link can pick up. To the south there is a broken bridge that we need to cross. Cut down some trees and attach two logs together, making a much longer log. Place this log, creating a bridge across the broken bridge. Carefully walk across to the south.
  • In this next area, Link can wander around a bit and defeat some Constructs and find some various materials. Eventually, make your way south to the large Lake that blocks Link's path.
  • Near the small bridge at the north side of the Lake, there is a Sail on the ground, along with some logs. Cut down some trees and connect three logs, side by side, creating a small raft. Then grab the Sail and attach it to the center of the raft. Grab this raft and place it in the water, by the bridge. Jump onto the raft and the wind will blow the sail, slowing sending Link south, across the river.
  • Climb up some steps and make your way over to the In-isa Shrine.
  • In the first room, use the new Fuse ability to attach a a boulder to one of Link's weapons, creating a Boulder Hammer. Use this boulder hammer to destroy the vertical cracked blocks that are blocking Link's path.
  • There are four columns in this room, with one of them having a treasure chest on top of it. Destroy the column and open the chest to get five Arrows.
  • In the room on the side, pick up some Fire Fruit as well as the nearby Bow and some Arrows. Pull out an arrow and fuse a Fire Fruit, creating a fire arrow. Aim at the vines on the wall in the distance and shoot the arrow. This will burn the vines and wooden platform, causing a treasure chest to drop down. Run over and open it to get a small key.
  • Backtrack to the previous room and use the small key on the locked door. In this last room, there is a more powerful Soldier Construct here who will fuse a weapon. Link can burn the vines on the ground to deal some damage, but simply fight off the construct. Break the boulders that are behind the construct to reach the altar and get the Light of Blessing.
  • Once Link leaves the shrine, the Steward Construct from before will appear and give Link an Energy Cell. This will be used to operate Zonai Devices that we will find here shortly.

Navigate the Mining Cave

  • From the In-isa Shrine, travel to the southeast, fighting off numerous Soldier Constructs and other enemies. This eventually leads to the Pondside Cave. Inside the cave you'll find a Bubbulfrog. There are one of these in every single cave found in the game. When defeated, they will drop a Bubbul Gem. To show that you've collected the gem, a checkmark will appear next to the cave on the map.
  • Inside the cave, there are numerous materials to collect, along with a treasure chest that contains the Archaic Tunic. Be sure to equip it right away to increase Link's defense.
  • After leaving the cave, Link will come across a river with numerous Maker Constructs. Link will need to build another raft to cross the water. Attach three logs together so that they are side by side. On the ground next to the logs are Fans, one of the simpler Zonai Devices that Link will find. Use Ultrahand to attach two fans that are symmetrically placed on the back of the raft. Then use Ultrahand to place the raft on the water. Strike the fans with a weapon to activate them and they will propel Link across the river.
  • Once you cross the river you can climb a series of stems where you can defeat or avoid some more enemies. You'll eventually come across the Mining Cave.
  • The cave is dark and will require Link to toss a Brightbloom Seed on the ground, which will illuminate the area immediately around it. At the entrance of the cave, Link can use one of the Mine Carts by placing it on the rails on the ground, along with a Fan. Alternatively, Link can simply walk through the dark cave.
  • Inside you'll find numerous Constructs as well as a Furnace where Link can trade in some of the Zonaite. He can trade them for Zonai Charges or a Crystallized Charge. Zonai Charges can be used to replenish Energy Cells, as well as purchase Zonai Capsules at a nearby Device Dispenser that we will soon encounter. Crystallized Charges are more valuable as they will be used to create an Energy Well, increasing Link's Energy Cell. It takes the Construct awhile to process the Zonaite, so Link will need to come back later to receive his purchases.
  • Just to the north within the cave, there is a Mining Construct and there are some Zonai Capsules next to him. Speak with the Construct and he'll give you the capsules, which consist of three Fans. Link can go into his inventory and drop one of the capsules, causing a fan to appear. Place a Mine Cart on the rails and attack a fan onto it. Step into the mine cart and activate the fan to ride the rails up to the next area.
  • Once you arrive, you can find the Device Dispenser nearby, which you can drop some Zonai Charges at. This allows Link to get several Zonai Devices including more Fans.

Learn Ascend at Gutanbac Shrine

Main article: Gutanbac Shrine
  • From the Device Dispener, Link can optionally head up the rails for some more goodies, but afterwards he can travel north and east, where the temperature begins to get cold. Just before entering the cold area, there is a cave nearby that Link can enter, known as the Pit Cave.
  • Inside the Pit Cave there is a Cooking Pot. Just outside the entrance to the Pit Cave, there were some Spicy Peppers. It's a good idea to cook some of these Spicy Peppers to make a meal, as it will give Link some Cold Resistance as he travels through the colder parts of the Great Sky Island. Navigate through the Pit Cave and Link will come out in a cold area.
  • There are some goodies to collect, as well as some enemy Soldier Constructs in the area. We mainly want to just keep traveling north until we reach the Bottomless Cave.
  • The Bottomless Cave is fairly straight forward, with numerous extra goodies for Link to collect. There are two Like Like enemies that can be either defeated or avoided.
  • Once Link exits the Bottomless Cave, he needs to climb up even higher to reach the shrine. However the walls here are all ice and Link will fall down if he tries to climb. The easiest solution here is to just climb the giant vines that are right at the exit of the cave, as Link will not slip on them. Climb up to the top and enter the Gutanbac Shrine.
  • Run ahead and use Ascend to get up to the higher level. In the next area there are two pillars that Link can use Ascend on. The smaller one leads to a treasure chest with a Stone Axe and the taller one progresses in the shrine.
  • Defeat the Construct and break the wooden crates on the right. Link can use Ascend to reach a chest that contains a Construct Bow.
  • Drop down and slash the ropes with Link's sword. This will cause the platform to drop down and Link can then use Ascend to get on top of it.
  • In the last room, use Ascend on the moving platform. Then wait for it to move under the larger platform and then Ascend to the top of the shrine. Run over to the altar to get the Light of Blessing.

Return to the Temple of Time

  • After completing the shrine, Link can travel just to the east and use Ascend to reach a higher area, which resembles a giant hollow tree. Inside the tree, there is a treasure chest that contains the Archaic Warm Greaves. This clothing gives Link some extra armor, but also gives him some Cold Resistance.
  • Travel to the north and there is another Device Dispenser, which Link can get a Wing, Portable Pot, or a Fan.
  • Just to the west of the Dispenser, there are a few large Wings on a platforms with some open grooves where the wings fit right on. Place a Wing on the open spot and immediately jump on it. It will glide down and eventually off the platform. Depending on where Link stands on the Wing, it will move left, right, or take a nose dive. Carefully glide the wing towards the Temple of Time. When it is safe, jump down to safe ground, or dive down into the water.
  • Back at the Temple of Time, examine the door and now that Link has been powered up, it will open up. This will complete The Closed Door quest.

Learn Recall and the Nachoyah Shrine

Main article: Nachoyah Shrine
  • Once in the Temple of Time, run ahead and examine the large Tear. This triggers a cutscene with Princess Zelda, where she will give Link the Recall ability.
  • On each side of the Temple of Time, there are two large wheels that are turning. Run up to one of them and use the new Recall ability on it. This will temporarily reverse the direction it is turning. Jump on the wheel and ride it up to the ledge in the center of the room. Then use Recall again on the smaller wheel and climb up even further.
  • Run ahead and try to open the massive door at the back of the Temple. Link doesn't quite have the vitality to open it. Rauru will appear and mentions that there is one last shrine on the island for Link to visit, marking it on the map. Rauru mentions that Link can travel to certain places instantly, using the Purah Pad.
  • Pull out the map and travel back to the Room of Awakening.
  • In the room on the left, there are some massive gears that are turning. Just to the side, there pillars holding up a platform. Use Ascend to get up higher and then use Recall on the gears. Jump on the gears and make your way to the southwest corner of this room. Travel through the corridor here until you come across the Nachoyah Shrine.
  • Use Recall on the raft and jump on it, riding it back in the direction it came from. Use recall on a second raft, and this one will take Link back up the waterfall.
  • On the left side, Link can use Recall on the gear to reach a chest that contains 10 Arrows.
  • The last puzzle shows two hands, almost like it is a clock. The hands are spinning in different directions. When they cross, the door will open temporarily. Wait until the hands of the clock are on top of each other and use Recall, so that they stay in sync with one another. Run up to the altar and get the Light of Blessing.

Leaving the Great Sky Island

  • We want to once again return to the Temple of Time. Link can leave the Shrine and use a Wing to glide over to the Temple of Time. Alternatively, Link can warp over to the Ukouh Shrine, just west of the Temple of Time and walk on over.
  • Walk over to the Goddess Statue at the back of temple. Trading in four Light of Blessings, Link will be able to gain a Heart Container.
  • With the extra health, Link will be able to push open the door at the back of the Temple of Time.
  • Follow the path forward, dropping down and using Ascend when necessary. At the very end, examine the ball of light to trigger a cut-scene. This will open up the To the Kingdom of Hyrule quest. Link is now ready to leap off the Great Sky Island down below to continue his journey in the Hyrule Kingdom.