Temple of Time (Tears of the Kingdom)

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This article is about the intact Temple of Time on Great Sky Island. For the Temple of Time Ruins on the Great Plateau, see Temple of Time (Breath of the Wild). For other uses, see Temple of Time.

The Temple of Time is a location in Tears of the Kingdom found on the Great Sky Island.

Tears of the Kingdom

When Link first arrives at the Great Sky Island, he is instructed by a Steward Construct to visit the Temple of Time to search for Princess Zelda. Initially when he arrives, Link is unable to open the door to reach the Temple; but the ghost of Rauru appears, noting that his new arm should have let him open the door, and that he should visit three Shrines of Light on the island to restore its power.

After Link has completed the first three Shrines, he can return to the Temple of Time where he meets "an echo" of Zelda, which will give Link the Recall ability. Link can use this on turning gears to reach the next room with a Goddess Statue and a huge door. With his health ravaged by Ganondorf, however, he proves to have insufficient "vitality" to open the door without dying. Rauru's ghost then notes there is one more shrine - Nachoyah Shrine - and if he offers four Lights of Blessing to the Goddess, he may be able to push through. He also unlocks the Purah Pad's travel function, allowing him to teleport to the Room of Awakening nearby.

After receiving the fourth Light of Blessing and offering them to the Goddess Statue, Link receives a Heart Container, giving him just enough strength to push through the door. Outside, he meets Rauru's ghost one last time, who says he is glad to have met Link, before dispersing into beads of light.

Traveling along the walkway, which is broken in places, requiring the use of Ascend to make it across, Link finds a mysterious ball of light. The Decayed Master Sword chimes, and Link responds by placing it in the light, where it vanishes... and reappears in the same place, in another time, when Zelda was at the Temple. She takes the broken sword, and sends a telepathic message to Link that he must find her.

As Link looks out, a dragon parts the Cloud Barrier to the Surface, and Link skydives down to Hyrule Kingdom.