This chapter covers the normal mode of the HD version of Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii U. If you are playing on the Nintendo Wii, check out Arbiter’s Grounds – Wii Version.

13.1 First Poe Soul; Dungeon Map

Run ahead and be careful of the Moldorms. This room is also filled with quicksand and you’ll get sucked under if you walk on it for too long, especially in the sinkholes. There will be several areas with quicksand in this dungeon, so keep in mind that a well placed roll will often get you across small gaps of it easily and safely. Glance at the wall to the left and use your Clawshot to grapple over to the target. Jump across a series of platforms and then roll over to get near the closed gate at the north end of the room.

Make your way to the northeast corner of the room and fight off the small enemy skeleton known as a Stalkin. At the corner of the room you will see a chain, but if you go to grab it, you will sink down below. Instead, use your Clawshot to grab the chain and then pull it back to open the gate. Make your way over to the north side of the room and climb the steps.

The opening on the right has a large pot and you can scoop up some Lantern Oil. There are some dark rooms in this dungeon, so I recommend filling your Lantern and keeping a spare bottle as well. Now the west corridor, where after smashing some boards you will find a treasure chest that contains a small key. You will also encounter an enemy known as a Poison Mite. These enemies usually appear in large batches and will grab onto Link, slowing him down. Perform a spin attack to get rid of them and then quickly run away. Make your way over to the locked door and head through.

This room is dark so I recommend using your lantern. It is filled with small enemy Stalkins, along with some quicksand, so be careful. Run to the north end of the room and use your lantern to light the two torches, causing the gate to open, so head on through to the next room.

Walk forward and four Poe Lanterns will appear, stealing the flames and causing the door ahead to close. This triggers your first objective of the dungeon: find the four Poe Souls and return the flames to this room to open the door. The first Poe can be found right in the middle of this room. Use your senses and target the Poe. You can only hit the Poe when it is a darker purple color. Once it temporarily becomes purple, quickly jump over and attack the Poe.

Poe Soul #38: Found in the central chamber of Arbiter’s Grounds.

Once it is defeated, the flame will light up the torch. Examine what is left of the Poe and Wolf Link can learn the Poe Scent. When you use your senses, you can track any Poes in this dungeon that you have not yet killed.

Before doing so, there are a pair of treasure chests for us to collect here in this room. At the northwest corner of the room, run across the platforms and defeat the enemy Bubbles found here. Open the treasure chest to get the Dungeon Map.

There is another treasure chest at the northeast corner of the room. You can use your Clawshot on the target just beyond the treasure chest. Open it up to get Piece of Heart #27.

13.2 Second Poe Soul

Use your senses and you can follow two of the purple fog trails to the east side of the room. One of them goes above the door, another goes into a sand pit next to the wall. Dig up the sand and you’ll reveal a chain. Grab hold of it and pull back to reveal a hidden staircase. Climb down the steps and head through this door.

Grab the lever and push or pull it counterclockwise. This will turn the room and reveal a dangerous new enemy known as a ReDead Knight. You can defeat it from a distance by using bomb arrows. If you draw near, it will scream, freezing you in place and it will swing its massive sword, doing some serious damage. Open the treasure chest that is behind the ReDead Knight to get a Small Key.

From where the treasure chest is located, look up towards the ceiling and you will see a hole. Looking up through the hole, you will be able to grab onto a target with your Clawshot (you may need to walk forward slightly from the chest in order to see it). Do so to pull yourself up to the second floor. With the room still flipped around, you can head through the door to the north.

Walk ahead and use your Wolf Link senses to find a Poe floating around at the west end of the room. Target the Poe and wait for it to turn purple. Once it does, quickly target it with Wolf Link to jump and grab onto the Poe. Repeat the process until the Poe has been defeated.

Poe Soul #39: Found in the chamber east of the main room of Arbiter’s Grounds.

Return to the previous room and drop back down to the floor below. Turn the pillar clockwise and then return through the door to the west to get back to the room. The flame will now appear, lighting the second torch.

13.3 Third Poe Soul; Compass

Now that you have a small key and you’re back in the main room, once again head to the east, this time taking the door on the higher level. Run across the room and head through the locked door. Make your way across the short platforms at the north end of this room, watching out for the quicksand, as well as spike barriers that appear. On the east side of the room, pull the square block until it falls down, and then push it into the gap to the left that’s just big enough for it.

Climb the steps and then up to the ledge on the left. Grab the chain that is here and pull it all the way back, raising the chandelier found in the room. Quickly jump off the ledge to the right and run past the chandelier. If you don’t make it in time, it will come crashing down and you will respawn back at the entrance of the room.

Climb the steps and run to the south end of the room. Open the treasure chest that is here to get the Compass. Return to the statue in the center of this area and push or pull it counterclockwise to turn the room. Run to the east end of the room and smash a few boards out of your way. Defeat the ReDead Knight and open the treasure chest to get a small key. Run down the opposite corridor and use the small key to get through the locked door.

This room is filled with a bunch of Stalkin and a pair of ReDead Knights. Be careful of the quicksand and run through and defeat all the enemies. Once you turn the corner, right where the ReDead Knights are located, turn into Wolf Link and use your senses. You will see the purple fog leading towards some more sand on the ground. Transform into Wolf Link and dig up the sand to find a chain. Pull back the chain and the nearby wall will move, revealing another Poe. Use Wolf Link to defeat the Poe and collect its soul.

Poe Soul #40: Found in the corridor at the east part of Arbiter’s Grounds, behind the hidden wall.

Continue to the north end of the room and head through the door. Drop down below and open the treasure chest here to get a small key. As you walk around you’ll start to slow down. Transform into Wolf Link and use your senses and you’ll find that you are covered with Ghoul Rats. Use a spin attack to get rid of them. (Normally holding B as Wolf Link will do a Midna-assisted charged attack. To do a spin attack instead, first hold B long enough for Midna’s targeting circle to appear, and then continue to hold B until the targeting circle expires, or let go of B before Midna has the chance to target anything for the charged attack.) Climb up the steps and jump across the gap to reach the door. Use the small key on the locked door to get back to the main chamber.

13.4 Fourth Poe Soul

Back in the main chamber, jump over to the chandelier in the center of the room. Then jump over to the other side and head through the door at the west side of the room. Walk down the steps on the right and drop down. Push the block ahead until it drops down below. Back where the block was, you can head down this corridor to find a treasure chest containing a red rupee.

Jump onto the block and you’ll see a chain nearby. You will need to lift this up and pull it back to lift the chandelier in this room. This can be quite annoying as the Moldorms in the quicksand will jump up and attack Link. You can use your Clawshot to get rid of them before hand. Pull the chain as far back as it goes and then run to the opposite side of the room. Open the treasure chest here to get Surprised Midna Stamp.

Use the Clawshot on the target to get back to the east side of the room. Return to the chain once again and pull it back. This time, after letting go of the chain, stand right in the middle of where the chandelier will fall (where the floor is different). Let it fall down, and you will wind up inside the chandelier. Climb up and jump across the gap to the west. Continue onward through the door.

Break through the wood and walk forward to find an enemy Stalfos. You can use your shield attack and then some sword slashes to knock the Stalfos down to the ground. Despite it crumbling to pieces, the Stalfos is not defeated. You will have to use a Bomb to blast away at its bones. Alternatively, you can just use Bombs or Bomb Arrows from the start. There are two treasure chests in this area, both containing some bombs as they are required to defeat the Stalfos. Once the enemy is defeated, head through the door that opens up.

Climb the steps and run across the sand. You have to light two torches and you have to do them in the right order. Light the first torch that is in front, and then light the one all the way on the left. This will cause a large door to open. If you light different torches or light them in a different order you will have a bunch of Stalkins attack you. Run over to the open door and head on through.

Use your senses as Wolf Link and look around to find the Poe. The Poe will duplicate itself and there will be four Poes surrounding you. They will spin around Wolf Link and will eventually stop. Three of them become more transparent, while the fourth one turns purple. Quickly target this Poe and attack it with Wolf Link. Repeat this until the Poe has been defeated and you’ve stolen its soul.

Poe Soul #41: Found in the west corridor of Arbiter’s Grounds, the Poe splits into four Poes and only one can be attacked.

Run to the door at the north end of the room. From there Clawshot over to the target on the right and then head through the nearby door to return to the main chamber. With all four torches now lit, the large door ahead will open. Run on over and head through to reach the second half of the dungeon.

13.5 The Spinner

If you glance to the left, you will see the big treasure chest in the distance, but we can’t get to it just yet. Instead, head through the door at the east end of the room. This leads to a tall cylindrical room. If you glance down, there are a lot of holes on the sides of the room and you can use your Clawshot to hit the targets and pull yourself down. Be careful of the Fire Bubbles that fill the room.

Jump to the bottom of the room and push the lever clockwise twice. You will see a treasure chest here, but spikes prevent you from reaching it. However, if you walk around to the right, you can reach the treasure chest and get a small key. Keep pushing clockwise to raise the room and navigate all the cubby holes if you’d like. Then pull the lever counter clockwise as low as it goes and then head through the locked door at the south end of the room.

Run around this room and you’ll find some spikes that creep up, blocking your path. Using senses as Wolf Link will help you ‘remember’ where they appear. Additionally there are several ghoul rats that will attach to your body and you can only defeat them by turning into Wolf Link and using a spin attack. I would recommend making your way to the southwest portion of the room first, defeating all the ghoul rats that attach to you, as well as the ReDead Knight that is found here.

At the southeast part of the room there is a chain that you can grab and pull back. Pull it back as far as it goes and then quickly run around the room to reach the door. Leave your Wolf senses on to help keep track of where the spikes appear from the floor as you have a limited amount of time to sneak by the door.

Run ahead in the next room, quickly running across the quicksand. If the small enemies attach to you, perform a spin attack to get rid of them. Run to the southwest corner of the room and lift the pot to find Ooccoo. Then run ahead through the door to the north.

Watch out for the rotating spikes in this room and make your way northward. Defeat the pair of Stalfos here and if you turn to the east, you’ll find another Stalfos. Defeat this one as well, and with all three Stalfos defeated, a gate back at the south end of the room will open up.

Run to the south end of the room and head past the gate. Make your way across the quicksand, using your Clawshot to grapple onto the targets. Be careful of the pesky enemies that attach themselves to you. Continue through the door to the north to reach the dungeon mini-boss, Death Sword.

Run ahead and slash at the ropes that are holding down the sword. This will activate the sword and Death Sword will be revived. Turn into Wolf Link and uses your senses to see Death Sword. Avoid its sword attack until Death Sword turns Purple. Then target Death Sword and attack it with Wolf Link.

Death Sword will then begin to float around the room and you’ll no longer need to use Wolf Link’s senses to see it. Target Death Sword and avoid the projectiles shot at you. Pull out your Bow and shoot Death Sword, causing it to rapidly float around the room. When he comes near, slash at him with your sword and he’ll come tumbling to the ground, allowing you to slash away with your sword to deal damage.

Depending on how long the fight takes, Death Sword may recover and you will need to transform back into Wolf Link to view the enemy. Other than that, the boss battle repeats itself, so keep wailing away at him until Death Sword has been defeated.

Run ahead past the gate that is now open and open the treasure chest to get the dungeon item, the Spinner. This item allows you to attach onto rails that are on the sides of walls and other objects. Right away equip the Spinner and ride towards the wall on either side. The spinner will attach to the rail and Link can use it to ride back up to the area where you fought Death Sword. Go through the door to return to the room to the south.

13.6 The Big Key

Once you exit the room where you fought Death Sword, look to the right and you’ll find some rails in the wall. Use the spinner to attach to the rail and ride along the wall. Once you reach the sand, press R to jump, attaching yourself to the rail on the other side of the sand. This will carry you up to the door so head on through.

This room can be very disorienting and confusing as there are multiple levels and rails all over the place. Once you enter, there are a pair of treasure chests on the right, one containing some bombs and another with a red rupee. There is a third treasure chest around the corner at the north end of the room that contains a yellow rupee.

You want to travel westward, using the rails while avoid the spiked spinners that also roll along the rails. At the west end of the room, you’ll see that the rails extend on a ramp going upwards, so follow the path. It will eventually lead to an area that has another massive rotating spike. Walk over to the east end of the room and defeat the stalfos found here. Open the treasure chest that is nearby to get Piece of Heart #28.

Attach yourself to the rail on the north side of the room and ride by the spinning spike. Jump from rail to rail and it will send you back down to the first floor, landing at the southwest corner of the room. This small circular area can be confusing, but you just need to go the proper direction. Attach to the rail so you are going counterclockwise, and the rail will take you back up to a higher area of the room.

Run to the northeast part of the room and defeat the pair of Stalfos found here. Open the treasure chest found here to get the Miiverse Stamp for the Hylian Letter D.

Now travel to the northwest part of the room and you’ll see a pair of rails and a bunch of spiked spinners. You have to travel along the rails, jumping back and forth while avoid the spinners. This is actually a lot easier said than done and you’ll most likely fall down a few times. Start off on the rail on the left, and when the path is clear, jump over to get past the first spiked spinner on the right. Then jump back and forth and once you make it across, head through the door.

Open the large treasure chest here to get the Big Key! Use the spinner on the rails to get across the sand back to this large central room.

In the center of the room there is a place where you can use your spinner. Place the Spinner in the hole and then rapidly press R to spin the gears that are underground. This will cause the wall turn to turn, eventually opening a path heading northward.

In this room use the rails to make your way up the room. You want to jump off the rail to reach the center platform. The center platform has a piece sticking out, extending towards the east portion of the room. When you higher up in the room near the east part of the room, jump off the rail and you’ll land on the center platform. Use the spinner on the hole and rapidly press R again, and a spiral rail will appear, extending to the top of the room. Use the spinner to reach the top of the room and once you are ready, head on through the locked door to take on the dungeon boss.

13.7 Twilit Fossil: Stallord

Once you appear in the room walk forward and you will be confronted by Zant. After some small talk, Zant will revive the giant skeleton and this will begin the boss battle with the Twilit Fossil: Stallord.

Equip the Spinner and you can use it to ride along the rail that surrounds the boss arena. Jump off the rail and ride towards Stallord. When you get close to its spine, hit the button the spinner is assigned to in order to attack with it, causing the boss to take damage. Return back to the edge of the arena and get back on the rail to pick up speed again.

You want to repeat this same process, but this time there are more enemies known Staltroop that appear. These enemies block the pathway towards Stallord, but they can be defeated by attacking with the Spinner. Additionally, along the perimeter rail, small spike spinners will appear, so you can’t stay on the rail forever.

It takes three hits to defeat this phase of Stallord. On the third hit, more Staltroops will appear, this time defending Stallord right at the spine. You will likely need to get rid of a few of them to get a clear shot at Stallord. After hitting Stallord three times, its body will drop in the sand, and most of the sand in the the entire boss room will drain away.

Walk to the center of the room and use your Spinner on the hole, causing the entire center platform to rise. Once it has done so, Link will turn around to find the head of Stallord has awoken, triggering the start of the second phase of the battle.

Use the spinner to attach to the rails on the central platform. Ride the rail upward until Stallord appears. Stallord will try to shoot a fireball out towards you. Once it does so, jump with the Spinner and Link will jump to the rail on the outer wall. Avoid a few fireballs and Stallord will eventually move closer, where you can then jump and hit the boss. It will tumble to the ground, so run on over and deliver a number of sword slashes.

The rest of the boss battle is identical, but with a few more obstacles. Spinner spikes will appear on the rails in the room, requiring you to do more jumping. Once again hit Stallord with the Spinner and the boss will fall to the ground. Run on over and slash away with your sword. Repeat this process until Stallord has been defeated.

Once Stallord has been defeated, grab the Heart Container that is left behind and exit the room.