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Twilit Fossil





Difficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gif


1-4 Heart.png Spikes
3-4 Heart.png Toxic
3-4 Heart.png Fireball


Twilit Fossil Stallord[1], more simply known as Stallord, is the final boss of the fourth dungeon of Twilight Princess, the Arbiter's Grounds. Upon entering the boss chamber, Link can see a fossilized Stallord laying lifeless in the sand. Zant appears and tells Link it is almost a miracle he is still alive, and abruptly informs him that he will not be alive for much longer. He summons a black sword, and drives the weapon into Stallord's skull. The newly resurrected Stallord gets up and roars loudly at Link. The boss battle then initiates its first phase.


Stage 1

Attacking Stallord's spine
Avoiding the skeletons

In the first phase of the battle, Link must attack the spine of Stallord, which is attached to the sand in the center of the room. Use the spinner and stick to the railing on the side of the room to pick up some speed. You'll then need to jump off the railing and use the spinner to spin towards the center of the room. Once you get close, press B to jump while on the spinner and jump right into the neck of Stallord.

Part of the Neck of Stallord will break. Back on the railing, you need to repeat the same process two more times. However, Stallord will begin to summon skeletons from the sand that block Link's path and the third time around these skeletons will surround Stallord's neck. You must use the jump attack to defeat these guys as well.

Stallord will also shoot out some sort of toxic gas from his mouth, but most of the battle you'll be either on the railing or attack him from his back, so the gas is rather useless. Perhaps the gravest threat to Link in this simple phase is the spikes that also spin around the railing. If you hear spikes nearby, be sure to jump off the railing. After three shots with the spinner, Stallord will sink under the sand.

Stage 2

Avoiding a fireball attack
Preparing to attack Stallord

The battle isn't over just yet. All the sand in the room will now sink away, and Stallord will now be lying motionless on the ground. Walk to the center of the room and there is another small area where Link can use the spinner. Do so and begin spinning away, which will create a tall central tower in the middle of the room.

Once it has risen to the top, Link will turn around and realize the massive skull of Stallord has awakened and he knocks Link to the bottom of the room.[2] If you look at the walls, there are railings now on inner circle tower as well as the outer walls. Link must use the inner railing to scale the tower. Stallord's massive skull will appear while Link is scaling the inner tower. Stallord will shoot a ball of fire towards Link, which in order to avoid, he must jump with the spinner.[3] He will jump to the outer wall, where Stallord will turn his attention and shoot another fireball. Jump once again and repeat this process until you have dodged 4 fireballs, at which point Stallord will move close to Link. Link can then jump off the railing and hit Stallord with the spinner.[4][5] Its massive skull will tumble to the floor. Run over to the top of its mouth and strike that repeatedly at the piece that Zant stuck inside of Stallord. After several strikes, Stallord will get up.

The process starts all over so get on the spinner and start rolling up the inner circle. This time however, there are other spikes rolling along the rails, so you'll have to jump across more frequently. Once you've dodged 4 more fireballs from Stallord, he'll fall to the floor. Repeat the same process of striking its head until it gets up again. The third time around you'll see spikes on both the inner and outer wall, making it even more difficult. After the long battle, Stallord will be defeated. A Heart Container will flutter from his remains, allowing the Hero to collect it and venture forth to the Mirror Chamber to see the Mirror of Twilight.



The music during the second phase of Stallord's battle are remixes of battle themes for both King Dodongo and Volvagia from Ocarina of Time.


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