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This article is about the boss fight with Zant from Twilight Princess. For his character profile, see Zant.


Usurper King





Difficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gif


Forest Temple
1-4 Heart.png Toxic Water
1-2 Heart.png Toxic Balls
Goron Mines
1-2 Heart.png Toxic Balls
1 Heart.png1 Heart.png Lava
Lakebed Temple
1-2 Heart.png Toxic Balls
Forest Temple (Ook room)
1-2 Heart.png Toxic Balls
Snowpeak Ruins
1 Heart.png Stomp
South of Castle Town
1-4 Heart.png Slice
1-2 Heart.png Spin Attack



Zant is one of the longer boss fights in Twilight Princess and the battle itself is composed of six stages. Each stage of the fight takes place at a different boss battle location, including the Forest Temple, Goron Mines, Lakebed Temple, and more.[1]

First Stage

The first stage takes place in the Boss room from the Forest Temple. This battle is very similar to the Diababa boss battle from earlier on in the game. Zant hovers around the boss room firing dark energy blasts at Link. Link has to block these attacks using his Shield, and then he can equip the Gale Boomerang and target Zant. This brings Zant down to the surface, leaving Zant prone to attack. After a limited time, Zant warps away, thus Link repeats the original process.

Second Stage

The next phase takes place within the Goron Mines on the huge magnetic plate where we battled a sub-boss earlier in the game. Zant will attempt to rock the magnetic plate, trying to get Link to fall into the lava below. Equip the iron boots and you'll stick to the ground. After he jumps madly a few times, he'll then settle down and shoot his projectile at you once again. Block it with the shield and then take off the iron boots. Quickly run over to Zant as he is out of breath and slash at him with your sword. Repeat this process a few times and phase two of Zant will be complete.

Third Stage

The next phase takes place where we fought the temple boss of the Lakebed Temple. Equip both the Zora armor as well as the iron boots once you arrive at this third phase of the battle. Once you hit the ground a massive head mask of Zant will emerge from underground. The mask will open and Zant will be inside, shooting his standard projectiles towards Link. Z-target him and use your shield to block his attacks. Once his attacks are over, use the clawshot to pull Zant out of the mask and slash at him. He will next appear in the massive mask and it will burrow underwater. This time four masks will appears and the center ground will cave in. Only one of the masks will open that contains Zant. Repeat this same process of waiting for him to finish his attack then pull him out with the clawshot. After some more strikes with the sword phase three of Zant will be complete.

Fourth Stage

The next phase takes place back in the Forest Temple, but this time we are in the mini-boss room where we fought Ook the baboon. Change back into the Hero's Clothes and take off the iron boots. Zant will jump around the various pillars in this room and then finally settle at a pillar. He'll begin to shoot his projectiles at you once again. Roll into the pillar that he is standing on twice and Zant will tumble to ground. Unleash a series of sword slashes and then the process will start over. Keep rolling into the pillar that Zant is on and unleash more sword slashes until Zant has been defeated, completing phase four of the battle.

Fifth Stage

The fifth stage takes place in the boss room of Blizzeta, seen in Snowpeak Ruins. This time Zant increases in size to create a giant version of himself. Watch Zant's reflection on the ice and wait for him to come crashing down to the floor. Roll out of the way and then use the Ball and Chain to hit Zant's foot. Once you hit him, Zant will shrink down greatly so that he is just a fraction of the size of Link. Run on over and slash at him repeatedly. Zant will eventually grow back to his humongous size. Repeat the same process a few times until phase five of Zant is complete.

Final Stage

The final stage differs from the others as this time Zant does not replicate a previous boss and the fight itself takes place in the courtyard south of Castle Town. The Usurper King, this time, draws out two blades from under his arms and proceeds to attack the young hero. Zant has two distinct attacks. The first attack includes Zant charging at Link with his twin blades, which Link has to dodge and attack from behind. Another one of Zant's attacks is his spin attack. Link can utilize his shield to repeatedly block Zant's attack. After a while, Zant gets tired from spinning, leaving him open to attack. Zant also warps many times in the duration of this battle, making it harder for Link to go on the offense and evade his attacks. After dealing enough damage, Zant falls to his knees, thus ending this boss battle.


  1. "Zant transports Link to the Forest Temple, Goron Mines, Lakebed Temple, and other locations of previous battles against bosses." — Card Description, Zant Twilight Princess Trading Card