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This article is about the boss of the City in the Sky from Twilight Princess. For the boss from Hyrule Warriors, see Argorok (Hyrule Warriors).


Twilit Dragon





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1 Heart.png Flames
1 Heart.png Fall from Pillar


Twilit Dragon Argorok,[1] known more simply as Argorok, is the seventh boss of Twilight Princess located in the City in the Sky sent by Zant.[2] Argorok is an armored dragon that, when defeated, leaves the fourth and final Mirror Shard and a Heart Container.


Using the Clawshot to bring down Argorok

At the beginning of the battle, Argorok will fly across around and come sweeping across the platform with the intent of blowing Link off with the burst of wind. He'll also hover over the middle of the platform and flap his wings, gusting wind towards Link. You can equip your iron boots and the gust will have no effect on Link.

Once Argorok is flapping his wings in the center of the area, you can Z-target its tail. Do so and use the clawshot to grab onto it. If you don't have them equipped already, equip the iron boots. The weight will bring the dragon crashing to the floor and much of its armor will break. Argorok will then start flying around once again. Argorok will try to blow Link off the cliff, so keep your iron boots handy.

Clawshotting a pillar

Argorok will eventually land on top of one of those massive pillars. Use the double clawshots and go from grating to grating on the pillars until you reach the top of the pillar. Be careful as Argorok will breathe fire out of its mouth during this phase as well. At the top of the pillars equip the iron boots and target Argorok's tail. Doing so will bring it crashing to the ground once again. More armor will break off and a weak spot will appear on Argorok's back.[3][4] Argorok will then shutter and all of its armor will fall of its body. The rain and thunder begin to set in during this phase. The rain will cause a bunch of peahats to rise into the air, even higher than the massive pillars.

Clawshotting the peahats
File:Argorok 4.jpg
Attacking Argorok's weak spot

Climb to the top of the pillars and then claw onto the peahats. Argorok will continue to try to breathe fire at you while you are hanging from the peahats. Z-target the peahats and continue swinging across the peahats.[5] Keep going in a circle until Argorok tries to breathe fire. You should be able to get behind him, at which point you can target its weak spot at the back of his body. Grab on over with the clawshot and slash repeatedly with your sword and Argorok will come crashing to the floor.

Argorok will get back up and fly around. Climb the pillars and grab on the peahats once again. After a few hits to Argorok, he will begin to adapt and change his fire breathing strategy. He will now breathe in one direction and then turn around and breathe in another. This will force Link to change directions on the peahats that he is hooking to. After he stops breathing fire and you get behind him, once again target his back and then slash away. Three times on its back slashing away should defeat Argorok.



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