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This is a list of enemies found in The Adventure of Link.

Overworld Enemies


Ache (Blue)
Ache (Purple)
Main article: Ache

Blue Ache are found in caves and forests. When Link draws near, they swoop down to attack.
Experience Points: 3

In the Water Town of Saria and the Mountain Town of Darunia, some villagers are actually monsters in disguise, the Eyes of Ganon. When Link talks to these impostors, they transform into their true form.
Experience Points: 3


Acheman (Bat Form)
Main article: Acheman

Achemen initially appear as red Ache.
Experience Points: 10 Once the red Ache reaches the ground, it transforms into an Acheman, a bipedal fire breathing monster. Upon firing a projectile, they quickly retreat to the cave ceiling. Link's Shield cannot repel the fireball, so he must jump to avoid it unless he has cast Reflect.
Experience Points: 10

Air Bubble

Main article: Air Bubble

In a few areas on the Overworld, these bubbles rise from the ground and cause minimal damage to Link on contact. Air Bubbles cannot be destroyed and should be evaded.


Aneru (Blue)
Aneru (Red)
Main article: Rope

Aneru act similar to Octoroks in that they shoot projectiles at Link, often both close to the ground and high in the air.

Red Aneru are found exclusively in the Great Palace and spit fireballs that can only be blocked with the Reflect Spell.


Main article: Aruroda

Aruroda resemble one-eyed scorpions. Their carapace is thicker than the plate armor of an Iron Knuckle, which makes them impervious to physical damage, except when the eye is open. To attack, the Aruroda shoots fireballs from its tail that can only be repelled with Reflect.
Experience Points: 150


Bago-Bago (White)
Main article: Bago-Bago

Bago-Bago are skeletal fish that are principally found around bridges throughout Hyrule. They leap from the water or lava and fire Boulders. Should Link come in contact with one, he loses 10 experience.
Experience Points: 3 (5 in Eastern Hyrule)


Main article: Basilisk

Basilisks, four-legged beasts that fire energy beams at Link, are completely immune to sword attacks. In order to damage them, Link must cast the Fire Spell.
Experience Points: 50


Main article: Bit

Bits are red blobs that move slowly on the ground. Unlike Bots, they cannot jump and are generally fodder for Link's sword.
Experience Points: 2


Main article: Boon

Boon resemble giant flies. They attack by swooping down on Link and dropping boulders on his head. Boon move erratically and are extraordinarily quick, so Link must time his attack well or avoid them entirely.
Experience Points: 50


Main article: Bot

Bots, like Bits, are blob-like creatures, though are much more common. They have the additional ability to jump and ram into Link.
Experience Points: 2


Main article: Boulder

Boulders are small bits of rock that float through the air in the deserts of Western Hyrule. They damage Link on contact, but do not move very quickly and are easily blocked with a Shield. A few enemies, such as Bago-Bago, Boon, Octoroks, Rock-Throwing Lizalfos and Rope use them as projectiles


Daira (Orange)
Daira (Red)
Main article: Daira

Daira are ferocious axe-wielding monsters with crocodile heads, mostly occupying the caves of Death Mountain. The Orange type charges Link and swings its axe at Link. This attack cannot be blocked by his shield, so Link must duck under and stab low. The Reflect spell will make Link's shield strong enough to stop the axe.
Experience Points: 70

The red variety of Daira prefer to maintain range with Link and hurl their axes. If Link advances, the Daira will backpedal, maintaining distance. Link must leap over the projectiles (or use the Reflect Spell), and strike the beast.
Experience Points: 100


Deeler (Red)
Deeler (Blue)
Main article: Deeler

Deelers are giant spiders that can be found in forests that descend from the treetops by a strand of silk and attempt to bite Link. Stronger versions can be found in Eastern Hyrule
Experience Points: 3 (5 in Eastern Hyrule)

Blue Deelers behave much like their red counterparts, but when they reach the ground, they detach from their silk strand leap over great distances to attack.
Experience Points: 3 (10 in Eastern Hyrule)


Main article: Geldarm

Geldarm are large worm-like creatures that ascend from the desert sand. If Link strikes their body, they shrink back into the ground. Their head is the only vulnerability is in their head, so Link should slash at them once they are at ground level.
Experience Points: 10


Main article: Girubokku

Girubokku are massive eye creatures that float aimlessly back and forth. Like Aruroda, they can only be damaged when their eye is open. Link should take care to avoid contact with Girubokku, as even touching them causes a great deal of damage.
Experience Points: 20


Goriya (Orange)
Goriya (Red)
Goriya (Blue)
Main article: Goriya

Goriya are enemies that throw boomerangs. Orange Goriya are the weakest and are found in the early parts of the game.

Red Goriya are slightly more difficult than their Orange counterparts and can first be found in the Death Mountain region.

Blue Goriya are the most difficult type of Goriya found in the game.


Main article: Leever

Leevers are only found in deserts. They pop out of the ground and will move around a bit before actually damaging you. The Downward Thrust is the best attack to use on these grounded enemies.


Lizalfos (Orange)
Lizalfos (Red)
Lizalfos (Blue)
Lizalfos (Rock-Throwing)
Main article: Lizalfos

Lizalfos are lizard-like enemies that can be found across the entire game. Orange Lizalfos are one of the easiest forms and can be found a few dungeons into the game.

Red Lizalfos are more difficult than their Orange counterparts, and can be found in southeastern Hyrule and the Valley of Death.

Blue Lizalfos are the most difficult form found within the game, and are only found in the Valley of Death.

Rock-Throwing Lizalfos are a special type of Lizalfos only found in Death Mountain, and can only be defeated with the Spell Spell or Thunder Spell.


Main article: Lowder

Lowder are enemies found in caves. They move slowly at first, but will move faster as they approach Link. No more than a few hits should defeat them.


Main article: Megmat

Megmats hop up and down on the screen. They will always jump in Link's direction. The Jump Spell combined with the Downward Thrust is the best way to get rid of these pests.


Moa (Red)
Moa (Blue)
Moa (Purple)
Main article: Moa

Moa are flying eyeballs that come in a few different varieties. Red Moa are the easiest form and will fly in the same direction Link moves. They can be defeated with a few sword slashes.

Blue Moa are only found in Eastern Hyrule and can only be seen upon using the Cross Spell.

Purple Moa are nearly identical to Blue Moa, but are only found in Kasuto Town and the Valley of Death.


Moblin (Orange)
Moblin (Red)
Moblin (Blue)
Main article: Moblin

Moblins are core enemies of the game and come in a few different varieties. Orange Moblins are the easiest and can be found at the start of the game.

Red Moblins are slightly more difficult than their Orange counterparts and can be found throughout Western Hyrule.

Blue Moblins are the most difficult form in the game.


Main article: Moby

Moby are small and very annoying birds. They will fly into you and steal a small amount of experience as well.


Main article: Myu

Myu are small, spiky shells that are usually found near cliffs. They can only be defeated with the Downward Thrust.


Octorok (Red)
Octorok (Blue)
Main article: Octorok

Octoroks are a common enemy that make an appearance throughout the game. Red Octoroks are the easiest form, and will simply stay in one spot and shoot rocks.

Blue Octoroks are more difficult than their Red counterparts, as they move and take more hits to kill.

River Devil

Main article: River Devil

The River Devil acts more like an obstacle than an actual enemy. It can only be removed by using the Flute found in the Palace on the Sea.


Main article: Tektite

Tektites are considerably more difficult in The Adventure of Link than in their previous appearance. They can only be defeated with the Fire Spell or the Thunder Spell.

Palace Enemies

Armored Stalfos

Armored Stalfos (Red)
Armored Stalfos (Blue)
Main article: Armored Stalfos

Armored Stalfos are more difficult versions of normal Stalfos. Red Stalfos are the easier variety.

Blue Stalfos are more difficult than their Red counterparts.


Bago-Bago (Red)
Main article: Bago-Bago

Red Bago-Bago are more difficult than their White counterparts. They can only be found at the end of the game in the Great Palace.


Bot (Dark Blue)
Bot (Great Palace)
Main article: Bot

Dark Blue Bots are more difficult than their normal Blue counterparts. They can only be found in palaces.

The Great Palace Bot is a special bot that can obviously only be found in the Great Palace. It is significantly larger than any other type of bot.


Bubble (Great Palace)
Main article: Bubble

Bubbles ricochet off the walls in diagonal motions. They take a lot of hits to kill even with L-8 attack power. They don't only damage you upon contact; but will steal some of your magic power.

The Great Palace Bubble is a more powerful version of a normal Bubble, and does not give as much experience when defeated.


Main article: Doomknocker

Doomknockers are difficult enemies found in a few different palaces. Their main attack is to throw their mace towards Link.


Fokka (Red)
Main article: Fokka

Fokka are some of the most difficult enemies in The Adventure of Link; appearing only in the Great Palace.

Blue Fokka are one of the most dangerous enemies in the game. They are highly aggressive, and take more hits to defeat than their Red counterparts.


Main article: Fokkeru

Fokkeru are bird-like enemies that appear only in the Great Palace. They shoot fireballs that can only be deflected with the Reflect Spell.


Main article: Guma

Guma are enemies found in several palaces. They will throw endless amounts of weapons at Link to damage him.

Iron Knuckle

Iron Knuckle (Orange)
Iron Knuckle (Red)
Iron Knuckle (Blue)
Main article: Iron Knuckle

Iron Knuckles are difficult enemies that appear in several areas, similar to Darknuts in other games. Orange Iron Knuckles are the easiest variety and can be found early on in the game.

Red Iron Knuckles are more difficult than their blue counterparts and take more hits to defeat.

Blue Iron Knuckles are the most difficult version in the game, being very aggressive in their attacks.


Main article: Mago

Mago are similar to other enemy Wizards found in the game. They will teleport around the room and can be defeated with the sword.


Main article: Mau

Mau are animated wolf-heads that move very slowly across the room towards Link. They only take one sword hit to defeat regardless of attack power.


Moa (Fire)
Main article: Moa

Moa are flying eyeballs that come in a few different varieties. Fire Moa are slightly more difficult than their Red counterparts, and will drain 20 experience points on contact.


Myu (Great Palace)
Main article: Myu

Myu are small, spiky shells that are usually found near cliffs. They can only be defeated with the Downward Thrust.

The Great Palace Myu is stronger than normal ones, dealing more damage and taking more hits to defeat.


Ra (Blue)
Ra (Orange)
Main article: Ra

Ra are animated dragon heads that can be found in most palaces. They will often appear in large numbers, making situations difficult if they block Link into a certain area.

Orange Ra are found exclusively within the Great Palace and are more difficult than their Blue counterparts.


Stalfos (Red)
Stalfos (Blue)
Main article: Stalfos

Normal Stalfos are armed with both a sword and shield, but no armor. Red Stalfos will simply stand in front of Link and attack him with the sword.

Blue Stalfos will stand in front of Link and attack with the sword, but can also jump into the air and down thrust, much like Link's ability.

Stone Statue

Main article: Stone Statue

Stone Statues appear as dragon heads in various colors. They will shoot fireballs at Link until he is out of range.


Main article: Wizard

Wizards are magicians that are similar to Wizzrobes. They cannot be defeated with the sword; Link must use the Reflect Spell to send their own attacks back at them.


Main article: Wosu

Wosu are wolf-like enemies that appear in many palaces. They are weak enemies that will give no experience when defeated; but will take experience if they hit Link.