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Fighters-Sword.png Fighter's SwordThe Fighter's Sword is the first weapon Link possesses. He receives it from his Uncle in the basement of Hyrule Castle.
MasterSword.png Master SwordThe Master Sword is found in the Lost Woods and is the second sword. Link is able to draw the weapon from its resting place once he has retrieved the three pendants from the Eastern Palace, Desert Palace, and Tower of Hera.
Tempered-Sword.png Tempered SwordReunite the Dwarven Swordsmiths and pay them 10 Rupees to temper the sword. Return later to obtain the Tempered Sword.
LttP-Golden Sword.png Golden SwordAfter obtaining the Tempered Sword and finding the Cursed Fairy in the Pyramid of Power, Link can throw in the Tempered Sword to receive the Golden Sword upgrade.
FightersShield.png Fighter's ShieldThe Fighter's Shield is the first shield acquired in the game, and is received by Link's Uncle.
FireShield.png Fire ShieldThe Fire Shield is an upgraded version of the Fighter's Shield, as it can protect Link from small fireballs fired by River Zoras and other creatures.
MirrorShield.png Mirror ShieldThe Mirror Shield is found in Turtle Rock. It is able to reflect lasers from Laser Eyes.
GreenMail.png Green JerkinThe Green Jerkin is Link's Starting Tunic, and is the weakest of the three.
BlueMail.png Blue MailThe Blue Mail is the second Tunic found, and is located in the Ice Palace. It reduces Link's overall damage received by 50%.
RedMail.png Red MailThe Red Mail is the third and final tunic, and is located in Ganon's Tower. It reduces Link's overall damage received by 75%.
PegasusBoots.png Pegasus BootsThe Pegasus Boots allow Link to charge at high speeds with his sword, as well as smash certain rocks. They are obtained from Sahasrahla after gaining the Pendant of Courage in the Eastern Palace.
PowerGlove.png Power GloveThe Power Gloves allow Link to lift small and large gray stones, and are found in the Desert Palace.
TitansMitt.png Titan's MittThe Titan's Mitts are the upgraded version of the Power Gloves, allowing Link to lift black rocks. They are acquired in Gargoyle's Domain.
ZoraFlipperslttp.png FlippersThe Flippers allow Link to swim in deeper water without drowning. They can be purchased at the hefty price of 500 Rupees at Zora's Waterfall.
MoonPearl.png Moon PearlThe Moon Pearl enables Link to keep his original form upon entering the Dark World. It is obtained in the Tower of Hera.


LampAlttp.png LampThe Lamp is the first item found in A Link to the Past. Found in a chest in Link's house, it relies on magic to light candles found in various places.
Bowlttp.png BowThe Bow is a projectile weapon found in the Eastern Palace. Link starts out only being able to carry 30 arrows, but can carry as many as 70 by donating Rupees at the Pond of Happiness.
Silver-Arrows-Sprite.png Silver ArrowThe Silver Arrows can be found by tossing the bow in the fountain at the Pyramid of Power. The Silver Arrows are needed to defeat Ganon.
Bomblttp.png BombThe Bombs are explosive items that Link can place to damage walls, enemies, and activate switches. They are available in most shops and can be found in dungeons. Link starts out only being able to carry 10 bombs at a time, but can hold a maximum of 50 by donating Rupees at the Pond of Happiness.
Boomeranglttp.png BoomerangThe Boomerang is a ranged weapon that can be used to stun enemies or activate switches. It is found in Hyrule Castle on the way to rescuing Princess Zelda.
Magic boomerang.jpg Magical BoomerangThe Magical Boomerang is an upgraded version of the previous Boomerang, having the ability to fly farther and cut down plants. It is found by throwing the normal boomerang into the Waterfall of Wishing.
BugCatchingNetlttp.png Bug NetThe Bug Catching Net is used to catch bugs and fairies. It is given to Link by the sick child in Kakariko Village.
HookShot.png HookshotThe Hookshot is an item used to latch on to certain things such as items and chests and draw Link to them like a mechanical Grappling Hook. It is found in the Swamp Palace.
Mushrooms.png MushroomThe Mushroom is used by Syrup to make Magic Powder. It can be found in Lost Woods.
MagicPowderlttp.png Magic PowderMagic Powder is an item used to create fires or turn enemies into something else. It is acquired by bringing the Mushroom from the Lost Woods to Syrup.
FireRodlttp.png Fire RodThe Fire Rod is an item that spits out balls of fire and is capable of burning most enemies. It can also be used to light torches from a distance, and is found in Skull Woods.
Ice Rod.png Ice RodThe Ice Rod is an item that shoots out a blue beam to freeze enemies. It is found in a cave on the eastern shore of Lake Hylia.
MagicHammer.png Magic HammerThe Magic Hammer is an item used for flipping over enemies, or penetrating their hard outer shells. It is also used to knock down certain fence posts blocking Link's path, and is found in the Dark Palace.
Flutelttp.png FluteThe flute is an instrument used to teleport to one of eight locations via bird-travel. It is acquired by digging it up in the Haunted Grove.
BookOfMudora.png Book of MudoraThe Book of Mudora is a book used to translate the Ancient Hyrulean Language in various places throughout the game. It is found in the House of Books south of Kakariko Village.
Bottlelttp.png BottleThe Bottle is a container used to store various things such as fairies, potions, and bugs.
Shovel-ALTTP.png ShovelLink can use the shovel to help find Flute Boy's flute. It is replaced with the Flute afterwards.
CaneOfSomaria.png Cane of SomariaThe Cane of Somaria is used to create blocks out of thin air, and is found in the sixth dungeon: Misery Mire.
CaneOfByrna.png Cane of ByrnaThe Cane of Byrna is used to protect Link by rapidly spinning around him, forming a protective barrier against most enemies. It is found in a cave on Death Mountain.
MagicCape.png Magic CapeThe Magic Cape is used to turn Link invisible, rendering him invincible for a short time as well as allowing him to pass through obstacles. It can be found in the Hyrulian Cemetery in the Light World.
MagicMirror.png Magic MirrorThe Magic Mirror is used to transport Link from the Dark World to the corresponding location in the Light World, leaving a portal for him to return if needed. It is acquired from the Lost Old Man inside Death Mountain.
Ether Medallion Art.png Ether MedallionThe Ether Medallion calls down a strike of lightning, attacking all enemies on screen. Any enemy that is not destroyed is frozen as if hit with the Ice Rod. Ether can be found on a bridge west of the Tower of Hera. A green tablet, that needs the Book of Mudora to translate it, tells Link to raise the Master Sword to the sky. Ether is needed to clear the skies in Misery Mire.
QuakeMedallion.png Quake MedallionLink slams his sword into the ground, unleashing a shockwave that will either destroy an enemy or turn them into a Slime. The Quake Medallion can be found at the Lake of Ill Omen in a circle of stones. By throwing a rock into the circle, a Catfish will appear and offer Link the medallion. Quake is needed to open Turtle Rock.
BombosMedallion.png Bombos MedallionLink sends out a ring of fire from his sword, destroying all enemies on the screen. The Bombos Medallion can be found by going to the swamp in the Dark World, and use the Magic Mirror to end up on a cliff in the Desert of Mystery. Use the Book of Mudora to read the tablet.

Bottle Items

RedPotion.png Red PotionThe Red Potion restores all of Link's hearts. It can be bought at the Magic Shop for 120 Rupees.
GreenPotion.png Green PotionThe Green Potion restores all of Link's magic power. It can be bought at the Magic Shop for 60 Rupees.
BluePotion.png Blue PotionThe Blue Potion restores all of Link's hearts and magic power. It can be bought at the Magic Shop for 160 Rupees.
Fairy-Sprite.png FairyFairies restore Link's hearts, or if the heart gauge is emptied, revive Link to a maximum of 8 hearts.
Bee.png BeeWhen released from a bottle, a bee attacks several times before flying off. It can be found by dashing into trees with the Pegasus Boots.
Golden Bee.png Golden BeeThe Golden Bee is like the normal bee, but does more damage and never flies away from Link. It can be found in a cave next to the Ice Rod.

Misc Items

SuperBomb.png Super BombThe Super Bomb is needed to open up the Cursed Fairy. It can be bought from the Dark World's Bomb Shop for 100 Rupees.
Basket.png BasketThe Basket can only be found in the GBA remake. It is used during the Riddle Sidequest.

Dungeon Items

Dungeon-Map-Sprite.png Dungeon MapThe Dungeon Map shows the layout of the current dungeon.
Compass-Sprite.png CompassThe Compass shows where items and the boss are located within a dungeon.
Big-Key.png Big KeyThe Big Key opens the door to the boss of a given dungeon.
Key-Sprite.png Small KeyThe Small Key opens a locked door in a dungeon. It is only used in one dungeon and only once per door.

Quest Items

PendantOfCourage.png Pendant of CourageFound in the Eastern Palace after defeating the Armos Knights.
PendantOfPower.png Pendant of PowerFound in the Desert Palace after defeating the Lanmolas.
PendantOfWisdom.png Pendant of WisdomFound in the Tower of Hera after defeating the Moldorm.
Crystals.png CrystalFound in each Dark World dungeon by defeating the boss within.