Super Bomb

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Super Bomb




100 Rupees


Opens the path to the Cursed Fairy


"Super Bomb
In the spot that Link's House was located in the Light World, a Bomb Shop appears in the Dark World. The merchant tells Link that he is working on a Super Bomb. Later on, the Super Bomb will be completed and Link can purchase it for 100 Rupees.


The Super Bomb is found in the Bomb Shop in the Dark World (which is Link's House in the Light World) and can be bought for 100 Rupees. However, it can only be bought after completing the Ice Palace and Misery Mire. The Super Bomb will follow Link around unless he places it, after which there are three seconds before it detonates. However, if Link dashes using the Pegasus Boots, the Super Bomb will be left behind and he will have to purchase another Super Bomb. The detonation will not harm Link. The only use for the Super Bomb is to open a cracked wall on the Pyramid of Power, where he can find the Cursed Fairy inside to obtain the Silver Arrows and Golden Sword.