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Lost Old Man






The Lost Old Man is a character featured in A Link to the Past.

The Lost Old Man is first encountered when Link is first traveling to Death Mountain. Link will run into him within a Dark Cave. The Lost Old Man has lost his Lamp and will ask Link if he can follow him up to Death Mountain. The Old Man will then follow closely behind Link as he journeys through the next few caverns. As Link progresses through the cave, the Old Man will give Link some tips and directions to navigate through the caves.

While following Link, the Lost Old Man asks Link if he is also looking for the Golden Power. He mentions that many have come before him, looking for the Golden Power, but have since vanished. The Old Man will also comment on somewhat random objects in the caves, such as being able to predict that a Recovery Heart is hidden underneath a pot.

The Old Man mentions that he has a granddaughter who is near the same age as Link. The King took his granddaughter and it is revealed that she is one of the Seven Maidens. Kidnapping these maidens is part of the wizard Agahnim's plot to somehow use the power of the descendants of the Wise Men.

When Link gets back outside, the Old Man states that the missing maidens are still alive. He believes a Hero will rescue them. In thanks for Link's kindness in helping him through the dark cave, the Lost Old Man will give Link the Magic Mirror, an item that allows Link to freely travel from the Dark World back to the Light World.

The Lost Old Man resides within this cave for the duration of the game. He mentions that the wizard has deceived the King, and how he is trying to open the way to the Dark World. He mentions that Link will need the Moon Pearl, which is found within the Tower of Hera ahead. The Lost Old Man will sooth Link's wounds, completely restoring his health.

After acquiring the Moon Pearl, the Lost Old Man tells Link that the Moon Pearl protects its bearer from the magical air of the Golden Land, so that they can keep their human shape. All those who do not have the Moon Pearl will lose their normal form in the Dark World.