Quarreling Brothers

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Quarreling Brothers
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The Quarreling Brothers are characters from A Link to the Past. The Quarreling Brothers live in a house found at the southwest portion of Kakariko Village.[1] These brothers argue more than any other denizen of Hyrule in A Link to the Past and it is unknown what starts their arguments.[2] When Link first enters the large building, the wall on the left side of the room has been patched, preventing Link from progressing to the next room. Link can speak with the Quarreling Brother found here to find out he is the older brother of the two who further explains how he is responsible for sealing the door connecting the two rooms as a result of their argument.[3][1]

Link can use a Bomb to blow up the wall connecting the two rooms.[4] Once Link does so, he can speak with the older brother again. Remarking on how the doorway is now open, the older brother suggests maybe he should make up with his brother.[5]

When Link speaks with the younger brother, the brother asks if Link just came from his older brother's room and if his older brother is still angry at him.[6]



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