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This article is about the character from A Link to the Past. For the character from A Link Between Worlds, see Flute Boy.
Flute Boy
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"The legendary Flute Boy of the Haunted Grove often played music near his Light World home. When the Golden Power of the Triforce attracted the Flute Boy to the Dark World, though, Ganon transformed him into an animal so that he could never play the Flute again. Upon telling his story to a visitor from the Light World, the Flute Boy gave the visitor a Shovel so that he could find and use the Flute Boy's buried Flute."

The Flute Boy is a character from A Link to the Past and Ancient Stone Tablets.


A Link to the Past


This young man is a citizen of Kakariko Village who has been missing for some time after went off in search of the Golden Power. He has a father who greatly misses him and wishes that he would return. He loved to play the Flute in the field near the village, now called the Haunted Grove, with the animals listening before he disappeared. Despite his disappearance, his "ghost" appears in the same field atop a stump located in the center of the Haunted Grove. He will play the Flute for the animals surrounding him and when Link gets too close to him, the ghost will disappear and the animals will scatter.

After Link gets sent to the Dark World by Agahnim, he encounters the real Flute Boy who is found in the Dark World's version of the Haunted Grove. He has the appearance of a tree-like creature and he longs to return to the Light World and see his father again. Seeing Link, he asks him to go back to the Light World to find his Flute. He gives him a Shovel to use to find it since he buried it with some seeds before he left to search for the Golden Power.

Respecting his wish, Link uses the Magic Mirror to travel back to the Light World and begins digging in the flowers of that field he used to be in to find the Flute. He finally finds it in one of the flower patches in the top left corner of the field. With the Flute in his possession, he returns to the Dark World and shows the boy his Flute. The boy is happy to see it and finds that he can't play it anymore. He asks Link to play it for him as he knows that his time is coming soon and he wants to hear the notes that he once played on the Flute one last time. After Link finishes playing, the boy slowly turns into a tree and because of this his spirit is unable to continue reappearing in the Light World anymore.

The Flute Boy is last seen during the ending credits sitting in the field with his father and he is surrounded by animals while playing his Flute once more.

Ancient Stone Tablets

The flute boy plays in the same grove for animals, which is reachable only in Weeks 3 and 4.

If the Hero of Light gets too close, the animals are scared away. If spoken to after this, he notes that playing the instrument puts them in a trance, and they should play softly for them.