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Bully's Friend
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Bully (Friend)

The Bully's Friend is a character who appears in A Link to the Past. Link first meets the Bully and his friend when he first enters the Dark World via a Magical Warp Tile on top of Death Mountain near Spectacle Rock and the Tower of Hera. The Bully's Friend has changed into a pink mushroom-shaped ball with two feet. The Bully and his friend spend their time in the Dark World with the Bully chasing and kicking his Friend due to his anger of not being able to return to the real world. While the Friend attempts to run away from him, he has no luck.

When the Bully's Friend first speaks to Link before he has the Moon Pearl and his appearance is that of a pink bunny, the friend asks him who he is and informs Link that the Dark World is like Hyrule, but evil has twisted it. The Bully's Friend explains the Golden Power is what changed Link's shape to reflect what is in his heart and mind. As a result of always changing his mind, he turned into a pink ball. However, if Link can acquire the Moon Pearl, the Bully's Friend informs him that he can keep his original shape in the Dark World.[1]

After Link obtains the Moon Pearl from the Tower of Hera and talks to the Bully's Friend, he asks Link if he did not change his shape and comes to a conclusion that he isn't a normal guy.[2] At the end of the game, the Bully and his friend are seen back in the Light World in their true forms on top of Death Mountain. The Bully is still chasing his friend, but this time, the Bully isn't kicking him around relentlessly; instead, they just hang out as friends should.

During the credits after Link defeats the Dark Links in the Game Boy Advance version of A Link to the Past, the Bully and his friend can be found in their Dark World forms with the Bully still kicking his friend while the screen goes up to Ganon's Tower.


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    In the Japanese version of A Link to the Past, two unused sprites of the Bully's Friend can be found that show the friend crying instead of his happy expression seen in-game.[3]


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