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Camper sprite from A Link to the Past




Under the bridge to the East of Link's House

Camper is a character from A Link to the Past.

This man is always sleeping Under the Bridge that is located just to the East of Link's House. Link can access the area underneath the bridge by swimming up the river that flows from Lake Hylia.

Under that bridge, Link can find a small piece of land where a Camper has set up a bonfire and tent. Given that the Camper seems to be living underneath this bridge, it appears that he is homeless.

If Link tries to wake him up, he will give Link a Magic Bottle[1]. The Camper appears to know Link as he addresses him by his name when spoken to.

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  1. "Yo! Link! You seem to be in a heap of trouble, but this is all I can give you." — Camper, A Link to the Past.