Dark World Shopkeepers

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Dark World Shopkeepers
Dark World Shopkeeper Sprite from A Link to the Past


Unknown (Cursed)



Dark World Shopkeepers are characters found manning shops within the Dark World of A Link to the Past.


A Link to the Past

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These guys are found in many shops throughout the Dark World. They all have the appearance of what appears to be a large brown mouse wearing purple or yellow clothing. They sell a variety of items that are useful for Link's journey.

One of the shops is located in the Dark World location that corresponds to the Magic Shop from the Light World. The Shopkeeper here will sell Red Potion, a replacement Fighter's Shield, and some Bombs. A shop with the identical goods is found on the western shores of the Ice Lake, just southeast from the Bomb Shop. Another identical shop is found within the Village of Outcasts and on top of Death Mountain.

There is another Dark World Shopkeeper that mans the shop just west of the Pyramid of Power. This shop sells the rare Fire Shield for 500 Rupees, as well as a Bee and some Arrows. Other than the Mysterious Pond at the Waterfall of Wishing, this is the only shop where Link can purchase the Fire Shield.

An identical looking Shopkeeper is also the owner of the Treasure Chest Game, located at the northwest corner of the Village of Outcasts. Link can pay 30 Rupees to open two Treasure Chests. Inside the treasure chests, Like can acquire Rupees, Bombs, Arrows, a Recovery Heart, or even a rare Piece of Heart.

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