Storytelling Insect

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Storytelling Insect

The Storytelling Insect is a character from A Link to the Past.


The Storytelling Insect is one of the five Storytelling Creatures found within the Dark World.

The Insect lives within a Cave at the northeast part of the Swamp of Evil. This is the same cave where Aginah is found in the Light World. When Link meets the Storytelling Insect, he promises to tell Link a profitable story if Link pays him 20 Rupees.

If Link chooses not to hear the story, the Insect states that he isn't interested in talking to people without Rupees. If Link agrees to pay the Insect 20 Rupees, then the Insect tells Link that monster magic is making it rain within the Swamp. He tells Link that if he can move the air with more force than the monsters, the rain may stop. The insect is referring to Link needing to use the Ether Medallion to reveal the entrance of Misery Mire and cleanse the Swamp.

Link can bomb the northern wall within the cave where he finds the Storytelling Insect. Inside, he'll find some extra Arrows, Bombs, and Recovery Hearts.


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