Swamp of Evil

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Swamp of Evil
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Light World Counterpart



The Swamp of Evil is the Dark World reflection of the Desert of Mystery.


The Swamp of Evil is located in the southwestern region of the Dark World. However, it is inaccessible from the normal overworld map of the Dark World, as the only way to enter is by using the flute in the Light World to summon the duck from the weathercock in Kakariko Village. Once Link has been flown to the spot, Link can then lift a rock to reveal a Warp Tile that takes him into the Dark World.


The Swamp of Evil is a dark, filthy and mucky place with continuous downpour, and is the home to hordes of swamp-dwelling creatures. The entrance to Misery Mire can be found here as well. The only way the dungeon can be accessed is by using the Ether Medallion on the platform with the medallion's sign on it.


  • It is also home to the mysterious Ghost of Misery Mire. The Ghost of Misery Mire is actually a glitch in the game due to a problem in the game's codes.