Pond of Happiness

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Pond of Happiness

The Pond of Happiness is a location featured in A Link to the Past.


The Pond of Happiness is found within the center of Lake Hylia in the Light World. It is on an island in the center of the Lake and can only be reached after Link has acquired the Flippers.

Just south of the Pond of Happiness is a Whirlpool Waterway that takes Link to the Waterfall of Wishing, making it very easy to reach the Pond of Happiness after first acquiring the Flippers.

Just outside of the Pond of Happiness on the island, there is a large heavy stone in the center. Once Link acquires the Titan's Mitt, he will be able to lift this heavy stone, revealing a Magical Warp Tile that can take Link to the Dark World. This Magical Warp Tile will take Link to Ice Island, located in the center of Ice Lake. This is the only method of entering the fifth dungeon in the Dark World, the Ice Palace.


When Link walks up to the Pond of Happiness it says to throw some rupees in and your wishes will surely come true. At first, Link can throw either 5 or 20 Rupees in at a time. It doesn't matter how many Rupees Link throws at a time, but once Link reaches 100 Rupees the Queen of Fairies, Venus, will appear and ask if you'd like to carry more Bombs or Arrows. Whichever he chooses, Link will be able to carry 5 more of that particular item.

After the first upgrade, Link will then be able to throw in 25 or 50 rupees at a time, making it faster to reach 100 rupees. Each time Link upgrades the amount of bombs he has, it will increase by a quantity of 5, until Link reaches 40 bombs. The last upgrade will jump the quantity up to 50 bombs.

Just to the right of the Pond, Link can place a Bomb and blow up the wall, leading to a room with four regular Fairies.