House of Books

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House of Books

The House of Books is the Library featured in A Link to the Past.


The House of Books is found at the southern portion of Kakariko Village, just north of the Quarreling Brothers' House and northwest of the Game of Chance.


After Link completes the Eastern Palace, Sahasrahla will give Link the Pegasus Boots and tells him to find the other two Pendants of Virtue. His quest takes him to the Desert of Mystery, the location of the Desert Palace. However, the entrance is blocked off.

In a cave at the northeast portion of the Desert of Mystery, Link will find Aginah, the brother of Sahasrahla. He informs Link that he will need to acquire the Book of Mudora from the House of Books.

The Book of Mudora is found on top of one of the book shelves within the House of Books. Link cannot ordinary reach this book, however, he can dash with his Pegasus books into the shelf, causing the book to fall to the ground. The Book of Mudora can be used to read Hylian, which will grant Link access to the Desert Palace. Additionally the book will allow Link to read the two Tablets found in the Overworld, allowing Link to acquire the Bombos Medallion and Ether Medallion.