Once you gain control of Link, hop out of bed and open the treasure chest to get the Lamp. Exit the house and make your way northward through the heavy rain. You can speak to the Soldiers that block your path and they will teach you some of the fundamental controls of the game.

Walk northward and cross the bridge that leads to Hyrule Castle. The guard is blocking your way, so take the pathway on the right. Follow the rigid pathway as it turns northward and it will lead to a bush. Lift it up to reveal a secret passage and then drop down into the hole.

Speak to Link’s uncle to acquire the Fighter’s Sword and Fighter’s Shield. Continue to the next room and fight off the Green Soldiers with your sword. You’ll find a treasure chest here that contains a Blue Rupee. Climb the steps and exit the room to get to the inner Castle Garden.

Cut through the bushes and you’ll find a series of Green Soldiers. The Green Sword Soldier is a bit more aggressive than the regular soldiers. Defeat them if you wish and then enter Hyrule Castle.

Once you enter the Castle, head left to the next room. Continue up a screen and right a screen, fighting off some enemies along the way. Head down the stairs to get to the basement of the dungeon.

Defeat the Blue Sword Soldier and grab the Small Key that he leaves behind. Open the treasure chest to get the Dungeon Map and then head through the locked door. Make your way through a series of corridors, battling several Sword Soldiers. At the far west of the area, head up through the open door.

Defeat a Green Sword Soldier and head through the door that opens on the right. Defeat the enemy to get a Small Key and open the treasure chest to get the Boomerang. Head back to the previous room and head up through the locked door. Continue onward down two floors.

Here you will encounter a Ball and Chain Trooper. You can use the newly acquired Boomerang to stun the enemy before delivering some sword slashes. Alternatively, you can lift the nearby pots and toss them at the Trooper to defeat him. After he has been defeated, grab the Big Key that is left behind and open the gate. Speak with Princess Zelda and be sure to open the treasure chest found here.

With Princess Zelda now following you, backtrack up two floors to get to the first level of the basement. Continue backtracking through the basement to get back to the first floor of the Castle. Go right through the door and climb the steps. Walk to the south end of the room and then jump off the ledge. Continue down a screen and left a screen to get back to the entrance of the Castle.

Climb up the steps at the top of the room to reach the Throne Room. Stand to the left of the ornamental shelf and push it to the right with Zelda. Continue northward into the Secret Passage.

The area is dark, but there are a few torches that you can light with your lantern. You’ll encounter an enemy Rat, which you can be easily defeated to get some extra rupees. Climb down the steps at the northeast part of the room.

In another dark room you’ll encounter an enemy Rope. These snake-like creatures take two hits to defeat. Continue along to the next room where you’ll find an enemy Keese. This bat-like creature will fly towards Link as he draws near. Grab the Small Key from the treasure chest on the right and then head up a screen.

The sewers are filled with more Rats and Keese and are a good source of rupees. Continue left a screen and up a screen to get out of the sewers. Defeat the Rats here as one of them is holding a Small Key. Use the Small Key to head up to a room that is filled with light. Push the middle block up and then head up the stairs.

Continue down a screen and you’ll find two levers. Pull the one on the right to open the door and then head down to enter the Sanctuary. After chatting with the Loyal Sage, open the treasure chest to get a Heart Container. Exit the Sanctuary to get back outside.