Spirit Tracks Walkthrough – Tower of Spirits 4

7.1 Lots of Goodies

Now that we have the Song of Birds and the Whip, there are a ton of overworld secrets we can get. Additionally, there are several more Force Gems that we can now acquire. Thus, this entire section consists of sidequests. If you’d like to continue on with the main quest, head straight for the Tower of Spirits and skip over to section 7.2.

~ Ocean Rabbit #7 ~

There isn’t too much to do in most of the Ocean Realm, so let’s first knock out this Ocean Rabbit. Ride along the new tracks that have been restored, going towards the Tower of Spirits. When you are directly north of Papuchia Village and the tracks start turning northward, keep an eye out on the west side of the tracks. The 7th Ocean Rabbit is found here so capture it!

~ Ocean Sanctuary – Stamp Station #12 ~

Our next stop is nearby at the Ocean Sanctuary. Once you arrive just take a look at your map and you’ll see an island at the top portion of this area. We previously were unable to reach this island but now we can. Just south of the island there is a palm tree and a bird is flying nearby. Play the Song of Birds and then use your whip to latch on to the handle. Let the bird carry you northward and land on the small island. Open the treasure chest here to get a piece of treasure.

Get back across using the bird and then make your way to the north part of the Ocean Sanctuary. Just south of the entrance to where Carben is there is a bird floating around. Use the Song of Birds and latch onto the bird. It will take you to the higher platform where you fill find a Stamp Station. Be sure to Stamp Niko’s stamp book to get your 12th stamp overall!

Before leaving, head to the northwest corner of the map and you’ll find another bird floating around. Play the Song of Birds and latch on to get to the small island at the corner of the map. Open the treasure chest that is here to get another piece of treasure. That’s just about it for the Ocean Sanctuary, so let’s make our way back to the train.

~ Papuchia Village – Stamp Station #13 ~

Once you arrive at Papuchia Village, run over to where Carben was floating around with the birds. Latch on using your whip and the bird will take you to the southeast part of the map. From here, walk south to get to the southern portion of Papuchia Village.

There are numerous islands in this part of the village. The large island in the center of the map has a treasure chest containing a big green rupee, while the island just to the west has a treasure chest with a random piece of treasure. Just latch on to any nearby birds and use them to get from island to island. If there are no birds nearby, play the Song of Birds to summon one.

After getting both treasure chests, make your way to the island at the southwest part of the village. Here you will find the village Stamp Station, so stamp Niko’s book to get the 13th stamp. Afterwards, use the birds to get back to the northern portion of Papuchia Village.

~ Force Gem #2 ~

Enter the center house in the village and you’ll find a Woman who seems desperate to find a husband. She is looking for somebody with a beard, a large nose, and who has a rugged, burly appearance. Sounds exactly like somebody we know from Whittleton Village! Leave the hut and return to the train.

Our next stop is to find this lady a husband! Trace a path back to the Forest Realm and over to Whittleton Village. Once you arrive, head on over to the village chief’s house. He lives at the northern most of the small huts at the Village. Speak with him and he seems a bit skeptical of getting married since he is kind of old. However, he agrees to it and will meet you back at the train. Follow suit and board the train.

Trace a path along the tracks back to Papuchia Village. Once you arrive, the village chief will immediately make his way to the woman and Link will follow. They are so happy with one another and are going to get married immediately! (If only it was really this easy). Their happiness will reward Link with the second Force Gem! This will restore more Spirit Tracks near the east end of the Forest Realm. These tracks will allow us to gain access to grass rabbits #6 and #7. Leave the hut and return to the train.

~ Grass Rabbits #6 and #7 ~

Trace a path back to the Forest Realm. Once you enter the realm take the new tracks that lead northward. Immediately on the east end of the tracks you’ll find a Rabbit hiding behind a boulder. Hit it with the cannon and then capture it with the rabbit net.

Continue along the newly formed Spirit Tracks. Don’t mind the new path to the north as it leads to a dead end for now. You’ll find another Grass Rabbit peeking its head out here, so capture it with the rabbit net. Continue heading west and stop the train at Whittleton Station.

~ Whittleton Village ~

Back in Whittleton Village, run to the northeast corner and then head up to get to the north part of the village. Use the newly acquired whip to swing across the gap to the north. Open the treasure chest that is nearby to get a piece of treasure. You can blow all the leaves that are in this area with the whirlwind, as cheap pieces of treasure are found all over the place.

Swing back across and head to the south part of this area. Swing across to the right and defeat the yellow spinuts that are all over the place. After blowing away some leaves if you’d like, make your way to the northeast corner of the map. You’ll find a villager who runs a Mini-Game all the way in this secluded part of the woods. Pay the 50 rupees to participate in the whip race.

~ Bomb Bag #2 ~

The game is quite simple and all you need to do is climb the area. Use the whip to go from pole to pole as you climb your way around. In some cases you’ll need to drop down a bit to swing over to the next pole. You’ll also bump into some vines along your way which you will need to pull the spikes off in order to pass. If you finish the race in between 1:15 and 1:30, you will be rewarded with the Medium Bomb Bag! This will allow you to carry 20 bombs!

~ Heart Container #8 ~

If you can win the race in less than 1:15, Link will be rewarded with an even greater prize of a Heart Container! There is little room for error in trying to get to the 1:15 mark, so it may take several tries. The good thing is that even if you don’t quite get 1:15 there are alternate prizes in the form of treasure pieces for still scoring under 1:30. Once you are down with the game, leave down and head all the way back to the train station.

~ Castle Town ~

There are several things that we can do in Castle Town, but our first stop is going to be at the “Take ‘Em All On” challenge. It is the building at the southeast part of town so run on over and enter it.

~ Bomb Bag #3 ~

The Second Challenge of the “Take ‘Em All On” game is now open. This one is quite a bit more elaborate than the first time around. You’ll face off with numerous enemies as well as fighting Stagnox, Fraaz, and Phytops once again! Be sure you’ve collected as many heart containers as possible and have at least one, if not two, potions with you. Remember, there are no recovery hearts throughout the entire challenge. Once you are ready, pay the 50 rupees and take on the second challenge!

Room 1 – Six Yellow Spinuts, Six Keese
Room 2 – Four White Wolfos
Room 3 – Six Freezards
Room 4 – Five Ice ChuChus
Room 5 – Two Geozards
Room 6 – Stagnox, Armored Colossus
Room 7 – Twenty Rats
Room 8 – Four Octives
Room 9 – One Geozard Chief
Room 10 – Fraaz, Master of Icy Fire
Room 11 – Two Snappers
Room 12 – Sixteen Green Spinuts
Room 13 – Eleven Octoroks
Room 14 – Phytops, Barbed Menace

After getting through this long and difficult, yet very fun, challenge you will be rewarded with the Big Bomb Bag! This will allow you to carry up to 30 bombs!

~ Cucco Fun ~

There are a few other things we can still do here in Castle Town. Run to the west part of town and you’ll see a cucco on top of the building. Play the Song of Birds and the cucco will fly down. Pick it up and then run to the northeast part of town and climb up to the ramparts. There are treasure chests on top of the roofs of the buildings at the southwest and southeast part of town. Link can use the cucco and float on over to each of the buildings. Both treasure chests contain a piece of treasure.

There is a third treasure chest on top of the building just to the right of the cucco stable. Use a cucco and fly on top of the building at the northeast corner of the map. Fly over to the building just to the left. This next part is a bit tricky. We need to fly to the southwest and land on top of the lion statue. From there, you need to jump to the next lion statue that is to your west. From there, fly over to the building to the northwest. These jumps can be quite tricky and there is little room for error. Just keep trying it until you get it. Open the treasure chest here to get a treasure that is a bit more rare.

~ Force Gem #3 ~

Before leaving town, enter the Building that is on the west side of Castle Town. Speak with the Woman, who says her husband loves rabbits but seems to have vanished. We know this man as the Rabbitland Rescue owner. Tell the woman you know where her husband is and then agree to take her to him. She’ll then head off for the train.

Make your way to the Rabbitland Rescue, avoiding the Dark Trains along the way. As you pass through the Forest, you’ll bump into skulltulas known as Large Skulltulas. These larger spiders take two shots to defeat and are still not much of a threat. Ride on over and stop at the Rabbitland station.

Once you arrive, the woman will walk over to her husband. She really does yell at him quite a bit. The man really cares for the rabbits, and the woman is so fed up she demands you take her back to Castle Town. Walk on over to her and speak with her once again to find that she has had a change of heart and wants to stay. As a reward for bringing her to the Rabbitland Rescue, she’ll give Force Gem #3! This will open up some tracks nearby. Climb back on board the train.

~ Grass Rabbits #8 and #9 ~

Ride along the newly restored tracks just west of the Rabbitland. After going through a forest portion the area will open up again. On the east end of the tracks you’ll find Grass Rabbit #8 peaking out so capture it!

Just seconds later you’ll find another Rabbit peeking its head out from behind a boulder on the south end of the tracks. Break the boulder and capture it with the rabbit net.

~ Force Gem #4 ~

There is one more Force Gem we can get. Ride the train back to your home town of Aboda Village. Once you arrive, speak with the young boy here and you’ll find out that he has dreams of seeing the world from the sky. Offer to bring him along for a trip and then return to the train.

Our destination is actually Beedle’s Air Shop. Keep an eye out for it on your map. If it isn’t around, just ride around a bit until it appears. Once it is close by, pull on the train whistle to get it to land. Ride on over and stop at the air shop.

Once you have stopped, the boy will question whether this thing can actually fly and there is a funny exchange between the boy and Beedle. The boy thanks Link for bringing him here and will give away Force Gem #4! This gem will restore some of the tracks that are just west of Castle Town. It gives you easier access to rabbit #4 if you haven’t gotten it already, but otherwise, it is just a shortcut in the tracks and nothing more.

~ Pick Up Teacher ~

You probably noticed a man standing right by the station in Castle Town. This is actually Teacher, although he has disguised himself for whatever reason. He is searching for Zelda and wants you take him to various places. Where he wants to go will depend on what day it is. He may ask you to take him to Aboda Village, Anouki Village, or Papuchia Village. At a later time, Teacher will ask you to bring him back to Castle Town or take him to another village which we haven’t uncovered yet.

Taking Teacher from place to place is exactly like taking regular passengers. Once you arrive at your destination, instead of a Force Gem, Teacher will pay you some rupees. The amount of rupees will depend on how happy Teacher is when he arrives, so make sure to follow all the signs while on the train!

That’s all there is to do. So you can finally head on over to the Tower of Spirits to tackle the next set of floors.

7.2 Tower of Spirits, Part 4

If you haven’t already, jump on the train and head to the Tower of Spirits. With the new spirit tracks in place, we can get there right from the Ocean Realm. Be careful as along the way you’ll run into New Ships that are on the sea. These ships will target Link’s train with cannons of their own. Just repeatedly tap on the enemy ships to shoot your own cannons at them.

Once you arrive at the Tower of Spirits you may talk to Anjean if you’d like, but then head up into actual tower. Climb the even larger amount of stairs to get to the new area near the top of the tower.

~ Thirteenth Floor ~

The map in this room looks a bit intimidating with all the enemies, but it isn’t that bad when taken one at a time. The phantom that is wandering around in this room is a Warp Phantom. The glowing enemies in the room are known as Phantom Eyes and they will patrol some of the hallways in the room. If a phantom eye spots Link, it will make a noise and the warp phantom will then join him. While it appears that there are a limited number of phantom eyes in this room, you cannot get rid of all them as they will regenerate. The boomerang can be used to stun phantom eyes and then Link can finish them off with a sword slash.

The first Tear of Light can be seen on the right side of the map. Wait until the phantom is patrolling the left part of that square area hall, and then run down the hall to the east. You’ll notice that there is a lit torch here. Continue to the east and you’ll see an unlit torch. Use the boomerang to light up the unlit torch and this will create a treasure chest at the upper part of the room.

Walk around the edge on the right side and head up. Use the boomerang and hit the phantom eye that is guarding the Tear of Light. Run on over and slash at it to defeat it. Then collect the first Tear of Light!

When there are no enemies nearby, run to the north and slash the crystal switch that is in the safe zone. This will create a bridge at the southwest corner of the room. Run down and left to get around the corner and then climb the steps. Walk to the edge at the top of this area and pull out your whip. Use the whip to pull the sword out of the middle fish statue and place it in the right statue. This will make a treasure chest appear at the bottom-left portion of the map.

If the phantom eye nearby responds, be sure to get rid of it as it could cause you trouble. Walk around the corner on the left and open the treasure chest here to get a small key. There is a patrolling phantom eye on the left side here that covers a lot of ground. Without being seen, use the boomerang to stun the phantom and then slash away with your sword.

Quickly run back to the higher platform on the right. From here, pull out the whip and target the wooden pole on the left. After using a second wooden pole you’ll surface at a higher area. Walk up and then use the whip a second time on the wooden pole to get to the top-left portion. Then quickly use the whip on the two consecutive poles that head southward. Run to the right and use the whip on the pole here as well. The phantom eye will see you, but just run into the safe zone and get the 2nd Tear of Light!

Wait until the warp phantom returns to its regular spot and then swing back across the gap using the whip. Jump down and use the boomerang to defeat the patrolling phantom eye that has re-spawned. Now run all the way to the northeast corner of the map and use the small key on the locked door. Head up the stairs to the 14th floor of the tower.

~ Fourteenth Floor ~

Walk south to the safe zone and then head down this corridor. There is a stationary phantom eye here, so stand around the corner and use the boomerang to stun the enemy. Run on over and slash at it. Walk around the corner and there is another phantom eye here. Use the boomerang to stun this enemy and defeat it with the sword.

The warp phantom on the right is the only thing protecting the Tear of Light. Stand around the corner just to the left of the phantom. Pull out the boomerang and trace a path so that it hits a wall to the right of the phantom. The phantom will go and investigate what is going on and this will allow Link to run and collect the third Tear of Light!

With the sword now powered up and all three Tears of Light collected, strike the phantom and Princess Zelda will take control of the armored beast. Now that Zelda is in the form of a warp phantom, you can trace a path to any phantom eye and the phantom will automatically warp on over. Trace a line to the phantom eye on the right side of the map and the phantom will warp over to the spot.

Have the phantom step on the switch nearby and then let Link run all the way around the room to meet up with the phantom. Open the treasure chest here to get a random piece of treasure. There is nothing left to do in this part of the room, so let’s walk back to the northeast corner of the room and head down the stairs.

~ Thirteenth Floor Revisited ~

There are two optional treasure chests on this floor that hold some rare treasure. Get rid of the phantom eye at the northeast part of the room and then climb up to the higher platform. Keep the phantom on the lower area and then jump onto her back. Walk to the east end of the map and you’ll see a wooden pole extended over the gap. Before, the pole was too high for you, but since you are now on the phantom’s back you can reach it. Swing across and open the treasure chest to get a piece of treasure.

Swing back across and get back on top of the phantom’s back. Walk to the southeast part of the map. While standing on the phantom’s back, you will be able to jump on to the higher platform here. Do so and run over and open the treasure chest that is here to get another rare piece of treasure!

Run to the southwest portion of the room and get rid of the phantom eye that is patrolling this area. Climb the steps here and run across the bridge to get to a treasure chest. Open it up to get a small key.

Run to the west side of the room and use the small key on the locked door. There is a crystal switch here, but we need to hit two crystal switches at once in order to make use of it. Just leave Link here for now and switch to the Phantom.

Use the phantom and trace a line to the phantom eye at the northwest portion of the room. The phantom will warp on over and then slash at the phantom eye. Walk south and to the west and you’ll see a crystal switch. Hit this crystal switch with the phantom and then switch to Link and hit the crystal switch that he is standing by. With both switches hit at the same time, the nearby door will open. Switch back to Link and run to the staircase at the top-left corner of the map.

~ Fourteenth Floor Revisited ~

Walk around this room and a blue chuchu will appear. Link’s sword cannot defeat a blue chuchu, but the phantom’s sword can! Defeat the two blue chuchus and make your way to the southwest corner of the room.

There is sand that Link can cross here, but the phantom cannot. Nearby there are two switches, one on each side. Have the phantom stand on the one on the left and let Link stand on the one at the right. This will create a bridge so the Phantom can easily cross.

Walk to the right and you’ll see a set of spikes. Keep walking around the corner and you’ll see a strange looking tile on the ground that glows when you stand in it. Leave Link on this tile, but then send the phantom to walk across the spikes. There is another one of these tiles in the corner here. Stand on it and what it will do is switch the locations of Link and the Phantom. Now control the phantom once again and walk it past the spikes.

Pull out the whip and walk to the left side of this area. Pull out the sword that is in the fish statue and place it in the other statue. This will open the door so head up to the 15th floor!

~ Fifteenth Floor ~

Control the phantom and send it over the spikes at the right side of the room. Have it walk all the way to the wall on the right, turn to the south, and then walk left all the way to the glowing triangle. Now have Link stand on the triangle on this side of the wall and this will flip the positions of Link and the phantom.

Control Link and you’ll find a blue chuchu. Just run by it and head northward across the sand. A geozard can be found here. Use your whip to pull off its shield and then finish it off with a few sword strikes.

We cannot open the door here without the phantom, so run right by and you’ll find a block on the ground. Push it to the left and then up. There are two switches to stand on here. Push the block onto one of them and then have Link stand on the other one. This will lower the spikes that we had just crossed with the phantom. However, once Link gets off the switch, the spikes will pop back up.

Switch to the phantom and send him onto the glowing square near the center of the map. Switch to Link and run southwest. Stand on the second square to switch places with the Phantom. Now send the phantom on the switch and it will lower the spikes.

Run over to the east end of the map with Link and then bring the Phantom in this direction. Work together with the phantom to open up the massive door. Open the treasure chest to get a small key.

Just to the left, where we fought the geozard, is a staircase that will allow Link to jump back to the middle part of the room. Run through the corridor at the west side of the room and stand at edge. Pull out the boomerang and trace a path to the northwest to hit the switch that will come in view. This will create a bridge straight above.

Control the phantom and warp it over to the phantom eye at the northwest part of the map. From here head down, cross the bridge, and walk over some spikes to get all the way to the bottom-left part of the room. Walk with the phantom onto the circle to the right and then switch back to Link.

Run to the south part of the room and step on the glowing circle here to switch places with the phantom. Control the phantom once again and warp to the phantom eye at the northwest part of the room. Walk almost all the way to Link and step on the switch that is just to the right of the spikes. This will allow Link to run free.

Walk to the left with Link and you’ll notice that between the rolling boulders and the spikes the path is blocked. Control the phantom and cross the spikes to the north. Walk to the source of the boulders and right after a boulder passes, run with the phantom as far up as you can go. Then immediately switch back to Link. The Phantom will hold off the boulders for a little awhile, so quickly run with Link around the spikes.

Step on one of the switches nearby and then have the Phantom step on the other switch, which will cause another bridge to form nearby. Walk with the phantom northward but don’t cross the bridge; you just need the phantom to be close by.

Now walk across the bridge with Link and stun the phantom eye with the boomerang. Do not slash at it with your sword; rather, use the whirlwind to send the phantom eye to the northwest corner of the map. Each time you use the whirlwind on the phantom eye it will reset its stun time.

Once the phantom eye is in the corner of the room, switch to the phantom and quickly trace a path to the phantom eye so that they will switch places. Have the phantom step on one of the switches and have Link step on the other. This will cause the door near the north part of the map to open up.

Run with Link all the way back to the center of the room. Use the phantom and warp to the phantom eye near the top of the room. Now have the characters join together, open the locked door, and head up to the 16th floor.

~ Sixteenth Floor ~

Run around the corners and read the tablet here. It says to move from the green tile to the red tile and it will form a symbol. Use the phantom and warp over to the phantom eye on the left side of the map.

The trick in this room is that the phantom needs to mimic the exact same route as the phantom is doing on the right side of the map. In order to do this, step on the green tile and then walk to the top-right most block. Then walk diagonally to the bottom-left most block. Then walk upwards but don’t quite touch the top-left most block. (Otherwise it will reset). Finish off the puzzle by walking diagonally to the bottom-right most block and step on the red title. This will cause the door in the center of the room to open up.

Walk all the way to the stairs with the phantom and then join along with Link. Together, walk up to the 17th floor of the Tower.

~ Seventeenth Floor ~

Link’s sword will lose its power and Princess Zelda will leave the body of the Phantom. Walk up the steps and collect the Fire Rail Map!

After a short celebration between Link and Zelda, Byrne shows up to ruin the party. (Finally, we haven’t seen the main villains since the beginning of the game!) Byrne jumps up and looks like he is about to destroy Link, but he is stopped by Anjean of all people.

It turns out that Byrne was actually the apprentice to Anjean, but he would never listen. Anjean explains that the Spirits sent the Lokomo to protect the good. The fact that Byrne is trying to resurrect the Demon King is unfathomable to Anjean. Byrne stopped following the Spirits, because they would never answer him and he could become just as powerful as them. Byrne believes that Malladus is the only thing more powerful than the Spirits. Anjean has given up hope on convincing Byrne otherwise and tells Link and Zelda to head towards the Fire Temple. Anjean then warps the two back to the entrance of the Tower of Spirits.

A battle between Byrne and Anjean seems to be apparent, but the next we see, we are back at the entrance with Princess Zelda and Link. After some small talk, it is decided that the Fire Temple shall be the next destination. Jump on the train and head towards the Snow Realm. This concludes the 7th chapter of the Spirit Tracks Walkthrough!

  • Ukiki57

    Why is there that room on Level 15 with 2 phantoms just chillin in there? Then floor 16 has the huge room that has nothing and no way to get to it at anyway

  • Mark Andrew Squier

    HUGE PROBLEM! On the 13th floor, I accidentally used the first key on that door on the southwest side, where there’s just a switch. Now there is no way I can progress ANYWHERE else. HELP!!!!! Did
    I just completely screw myself?

  • toonlink101

    thats the same thing i was wondering. two phantoms in the same room at the far corner of the screen. thats where the phantom break room is

  • Adam Crews

    Playing the last couple days since it was uploaded to Virtual Console.. Get to the 4th level of the spirit tower(17th floor) and get the Fire Rail Map expansion and the game freezes.. no video no sound just a blank screen.. anyone else having this issue? I’ve already deleted it from the system and redownloaded. same issue happens every time. glad i made a restore point to when i entered the room.. but cant progress if the game isn’t loading properly..

  • Chris Jarvis

    Basically, they are there so that there is nowhere they can see you, but they can teleport to you if one of the phantom eyes sees you.

    Makes it so there is no way the phantoms are in the way.