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The Take 'Em All On Challenge is an optional dungeon in Spirit Tracks. Players will traverse the trial a total of three times, facing Dark Link, a doppelgänger of Link, at the end. The challenge is located in Castle Town and is run by Joynas.

It costs 50 Rupees to play and the goal is to defeat all the enemies without dying.[1] Bosses can be found in the challenge as well. However, throughout the entire game, there are no Recovery Hearts, so the only way to restore health is by use of Potions.[2] Link can purchase potions at the local shop in Castle Town.

There are three different doors that Link can enter, each with a harder difficulty.[3] Joynas claims that the third is so difficult that not even she has completed it yet.[4]


Level One

Room 1- Six Yellow Spinuts

Room 2 - Seven Octoroks

Room 3 - Five Rats, Four Bubbles

Room 4 - Six Red ChuChus

Room 5 - Six Spiked Slugs

Room 6 - Six Keese

Room 7 - Two Mothulas

Room 8 - Three Yellow Spinuts, Three Octoroks

Room 9 - Four Yellow Spinuts, Four Octoroks, Four Red Chuchus

Room 10 - Stagnox, Armored Colossus

Level Two

Room 1 - Six Yellow Spinuts, Six Keese

Room 2 - Four White Wolfos

Room 3 - Six Freezards

Room 4 - Five Ice ChuChus

Room 5 - Two Geozards

Room 6 - Stagnox, Armored Colossus

Room 7 - Twenty Rats

Room 8 - Four Octives

Room 9 - One Geozard Chief

Room 10 - Fraaz, Master of Icy Fire

Room 11 - Two Snappers

Room 12 - Sixteen Green Spinuts

Room 13 - Eleven Octoroks

Room 14 - Phytops, Barbed Menace

Level Three

Room 1 - Four Helmet ChuChus, Four Blue ChuChus

Room 2 - Sixteen Green Spinuts

Room 3 - Six Stalfos

Room 4 - Seven Ice Keese, Seven Fire Keese

Room 5 - Three Big Blins

Room 6 - Six Stalfos Warriors

Room 7 - Five Gerunes

Room 8 - Five Ergtoroks

Room 9 - Four Heatoise, Two Moldola

Room 10 - Twelve Freezards

Room 11 - Stagnox, Armored Colossus

Room 12 - Fraaz, Master of Icy Fire

Room 13 - Phytops, Barbed Menace

Room 14 - Cragma, Lava Lord

Room 15 - Skeldritch, Ancient Demon

Room 16 - Dark Link


  1. "Playing once costs 50 Rupees, OK? [.]Yup![.]No way!" — Joynas, Spirit Tracks.
  2. "It's simple! I'll open a door for you in a second. Just past the door is a monster-infested dungeon. It's no place for weaklings! Your goal is to get rid of all the baddies and get to the end of the dungeon. However, you'll find nothing to restore your health inside. Nothing at all! Depending on where you are, your items won't work either, so watch out! If you pay attention, it'll be lights-out before you know it, greeny. Now, what'll it be? Want to play Take 'Em All On! [.]Yeah![.]Nope." — Joynas, Spirit Tracks.
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