Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

9.1 Finding the Dungeon

The next dungeon is found at the west end of the Dark World in the Village of Outcasts, corresponding to the location of Kakariko Village from the Light World. Even with the Fire Rod, there are no additional side quests that have become available, so we can head straight to the next dungeon.

Once you arrive in the Village of Outcasts, head to the center of town where you will find a Gargoyle Statue that holds a large pitchfork. Pull on the pitch fork to reveal the entrance to the next dungeon, Gargoyle’s Domain.

9.2 Gargoyle's Domain

The first four rooms of Gargoyle’s Domain are quite large and have a lot of useless areas within them. From the dungeon entrance, make your way to the northeast corner of the room, staying on the higher ledge. Jump off the ledge and head north a screen. Immediately turn to the right and continue to the next screen.

There is a Rabbit Beam here, so you may turn into a rabbit temporarily. Continue heading southward to the next screen. Climb the steps just to the south to reach the higher ledge and then jump off once again at the southwest corner. Walk left a screen and open the treasure chest to get the Big Key.

Walk back to the right a screen and then back up a screen. Climb the staircase on the right side to get to the higher ledge. Make your way to the northeast corner of the room and open the locked door using the Big Key.

Dash to the top of the room and lift the skull to the right to find a small key. Grab the key and use it on the locked door at the southwest part of the room.

Lift the pots for some goodies and continue passed the enemies to the next room. You can sprinkle some Magic Powder on the Anti-Fairy if you’d like, and then continue onward to the left. Dash to the top of the room and head up a screen. Lift the skull to get a small key. Before heading through the locked door, be sure to strike the crystal switch to assure the blue blocks are lowered.

Lift the skull at the southeast corner of the room and press the floor switch to open the door. Continue eastward three screens until you reach a screen with some light shining in. Drop a bomb and then toss it towards the cracked floor where the light is shining. This will break open a hole in the ground, allowing light to shine to the room below. Head back left three screens and go down the stairs.

Continue down a screen, making sure the blue blocks are lowered. Head right through the door. Continue right a screen and then head down the staircase at the top part of the room.

Lift the large block and head down a screen. Continue right a screen and walk through the small locked doors until you reach a woman at the end of the line. She will then follow you around, asking you to take her outside. Be sure to open the nearby treasure chest to get a small key.

With the woman following you, head left two screens. Open the locked door on the left and head through. Use the Hammer to smack the moles and open the treasure chest to get the dungeon item, the Titan’s Mitt, which now allows you to lift even larger rocks. Quickly head through the door before the floors crumbles below you. Continue right a screen and backtrack up a screen and back up to the higher floor.

Lift the skull at the top-right of the room and step on the floor switch to open the nearby door. Walk through the door and then head up a screen to reach the boss room. Walk the woman into the light and she will transform into Blind, the dungeon boss.

Blind will move from left to right, occasionally shooting lasers out towards Link. Blind’s head is its only vulnerability, and when Link strikes it with his sword, fireballs will be shot in four directions. After hitting Blind’s head 3-times, the head will separate from the body and start spinning around the room. Blind will then grow a second head.

If you have the Cane of Byrna or the Magic Cape, this battle is the time to use it. With the Cane of Byrna, Link can simply walk right through Blind and have the cane’s attack do the damage. If Link has the Magic Cape, he can deal damage with his sword without taking damage.

Outside the Cane of Byrna, the Master Sword is the only other practical weapon that can harm Blind. It can be tough to get close to Blind when he is at the top of the screen, but since his head is closer, he is much easier to attack when he is at the bottom of the screen. Link will need to defeat three head’s of Blind before the battle can be completed.

After Blind has been defeated, be sure to grab the Heart Container to increase your total health and then grab the Crystal to speak with the Maiden.