Sacred Grove Guardians

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Sacred Grove Guardians





"We are guardians of this land... Guide us to where we once stood. Only then can you enter the true Sacred Grove..."

— Sacred Grove Guardians

The Sacred Grove Guardians are characters from Twilight Princess. Their primary purpose is to guard the entrance to the ruins to the Temple of Time, where the Master Sword resides. The Guardians themselves seem to made out of a tough metallic material and they are capable of both speech and movement.


Within the events of Twilight Princess, Link has to gain access to the Master Sword to break the curse of his current Wolf form, which the Master Sword can unlock according to Princess Zelda. After navigating the Sacred Grove itself, Wolf Link comes across a puzzling structure. After howling Zelda's Lullaby, the Guardians awaken.

Link then has to solve the puzzle. In this puzzle, Wolf Link must move strategically around the many platforms. When Link makes a movement, one Guardian moves in the same direction and the other moves in the opposite direction. If they are facing the edge, the Guardians will be unable to move; if they jump towards one another, the Guardians clash and return to their original position. Link is unable to jump toward the Guardian and if one of the Guardians lands on Link, the puzzle will be restarted. Another note is that Link can start the puzzle over again by simply talking to the Guardians.[1] When he has returned the Guardians to their original spot, the land returns to its normal form and the Guardians return to being dormant. This allows Link access to where the Master Sword lies.[2]




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