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Jaggle (Father)
Pergie (Mother)
Malo (Brother)

Talo is a young boy who originates from Ordon Village in Twilight Princess. He, his younger brother, Malo, and his parents, Jaggle and Pergie, live in the house in Ordon Village with the waterwheel attached to it. He is a little wild in nature, and is disrespectful to Colin, who he sees as weak. He greatly admires Link and likes to imitate him by wielding weapons, even if he doesn't know the proper way to. Because he seeks adventure, he is constantly getting into trouble.

When a Monkey enters the village, he begins to chase it out towards Faron Woods. Along the way, he is captured along with the monkey and put into a cage outside the Forest Temple. Later in the game, he along with Beth, Colin, and Malo were captured by Bulblins and abandoned, but they were later rescued by Renado and safely taken to Kakariko Village. He takes up the role of the lookout in the village, standing at the highest point and alerting the town whenever a monster arrives, such as Wolf Link.