Gor Coron

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Gor Coron
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Darbus (patriarch)
Gor Ebizo (fellow elder)
Gor Liggs (fellow elder)
Gor Amoto (fellow elder)

Gor Coron is one of the four Goron Elders in Twilight Princess. When Darbus, the patriarch of the Goron tribe, is consumed by the evil power of the Fused Shadow, Gor Coron takes a leadership role amongst the tribe.[1]

Gor Coron challenges Link to a sumo wrestling match to prove his power.[2] With the help of the Iron Boots, Link defeats Gor Coron and gains access to the sacred Goron Mines.[3][4] Much later in the game, Gor Coron along with Darbus aid Link in restoring Ilia's lost memory.


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