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Rusl is a character from Twilight Princess. He resides in his home within the safe confines of Ordon Village. He has a wife named Uli,[2] a son named Colin,[1] and a new born baby, who is only seen during the ending credits and is unnamed. Rusl seems to be a very light hearted and mature character. He serves as a mentor of sorts to Link. Rusl also seems to be a talented swordsman and blacksmith as he himself crafted the Ordon Sword as a tribute to the Royal Family of Hyrule.[3][4]


Rusl is one of the very first characters seen, alongside Link himself, in the intro to Twilight Princess. He acts as Link's mentor throughout the game, and it is from him that Link gets all of his sword training. He is probably one of the most influential characters in the game, even though he doesn't have a whole lot of appearances. Rusl was originally the one who was to deliver the gift to Hyrule, a job that he passed on to Link, leading up to the events in Twilight Princess.[5]

Later on, Rusl can be found as one of the members of The Resistance, a group of vigilantes located within Telma's Bar in Castle Town. Here, he wears a mask over his head, originally disguising who he was. When Link goes to visit the Sacred Grove for the second time, Rusl helps him access the Temple of Time by loaning his partner to Link, a Golden Cucco.[6]

A master swordsman, Rusl is the one who crafted the Ordon Sword by hand, which was the gift that was to be delivered to Hyrule. He was also the bravest one in Ordon, as he had gone out to look for the kids, even with all the Bulblins roaming the woods. Rusl, along with the rest of Telma's crew, go to Hyrule Castle to aid Link by fighting off what would have been a hard battle.



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