Ordon Sword

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Ordon Sword
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Defeating enemies


The Ordon Sword is a sword from Twilight Princess. It is the second obtainable sword in the game. The blade was crafted by Rusl and is made with inlaid Ordon Goat horns.[1][2] The sword was to be given to the Royal Family of Hyrule as a tribute,[2] but was forgotten about because of the Twilight that shrouded the Kingdom.

Twilight Princess

Link must obtain the Ordon Sword after escaping his imprisonment in Hyrule Castle. The young hero escapes with the aid of a mysterious imp, Midna, who warps her and the young hero back to the Ordona Province. Midna asks Link to find a sword and a shield,[3] each of which lie somewhere within Ordon Village. Due to the fact that Link is now in Wolf form, the village folk now see him as a beast.[4] Wolf Link must listen in on a conversation with Rusl and Uli, where he tells Uli that the sword is within the confines of his house.[5] Link, now in Wolf form, must sneak past the vigilant Rusl and find a small dig spot to the side of the house. This leads the young hero to the inner grounds, where he finds the sword placed on a couch.

This sword is Link's main form of attack and his primary blade throughout the first sections of the game. It is only until the young hero finds the Master Sword within the Sacred Grove that this blade becomes useless to him.



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