Ordon Goat Cheese

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Ordon Goat Cheese




Changes Yeto's soup from Good to Superb


The Ordon Goat Cheese, made of Ordon Goat milk, is a quest item from Twilight Princess. Link will stumble upon the Ordon Goat Cheese while he is searching through the Snowpeak Ruins for the Bedroom Key. Yeta told Link that the Bedroom Key is in the Treasure Chest marked on his map. Going to this room will result in Link finding not the Bedroom Key, but the Ordon Goat Cheese. Furthermore, Link will go the kitchen of the Snowpeak Ruins and give the cheese to Yeto, who will use the cheese in his soup. After he has added the soup, it changes from the Good Soup to the Superb Soup. This soup replenishes 8 hearts.