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The Ghost Lantern is an item found exclusively in Twilight Princess HD. This special lantern, which does not require the use of oil, allows Link to easily discern whether a Poe may be found in a given area.

It bears a heavy resemblance to the lanterns carried by Imp Poes, and may indeed be the very same. Unlike the regular Lantern, Link is not able to fasten the Ghost Lantern to his belt to allow for other items to be used while hunting Poes.

If Link activates the Ghost Lantern when a Poe is located in his immediate surroundings, the Lantern will emit a distinctive and bright light, which can be seen clearly regardless of time of day. The lantern is extinguished when the last Poe in the area has been defeated and its soul reclaimed. Inside what the game refers to as "complicated" areas—namely, dungeons—the lantern will shine for as long as any Poes remain in the greater dungeon area, regardless of whether or not one is found inside the same room in which Link is situated.

The Ghost Lantern is given to Link by Jovani to aid him in his quest for Poe Souls, when the former returns to the latter's house after having collected at least twenty souls.