Ordon Pumpkin

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Ordon Pumpkin




Can be broken to find a Rupee
Helps make Yeto's soup better


An Ordon Pumpkin is an item found in Twilight Princess. They are the crops of the Ordon people, and are their main source of food.


They can be found growing in the Ordon Village, and Link can pick them up and throw them, which will result in a Rupee, usually a Green Rupee, popping out. Also, they can be found on the table inside Jaggle's House, where Link can throw them against various objects in the house. Last but not least, a single Ordon Pumpkin can be found in the Snowpeak Ruins, where Link will find it in a Treasure Chest. It can be given to Yeto to turn his soup from the Simple Soup into the Good Soup. He can further increase the soup by collecting the Ordon Goat Cheese and putting it in the soup, which will make Superb Soup.



  1. "YO! DON'T WASTE FOOD!" — Jaggle, Twilight Princess.