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Gale Boomerang




Retrieve objects[2]
Stun enemies with wind tunnels[3]
Harm enemies
Cut ropes
Blow out fires[2]
Spin wind fans[2]


The Gale Boomerang is an item in Twilight Princess. It is very similar to previous Boomerangs in the series.

The Gale Boomerang is first seen in the hands of Ook, the leader of the Monkeys,[4] who has gone "funny in the head".[5] He uses it to destroy the bridge that links the main portion of the dungeon and his lair. However, with the help of four monkeys, all of which he has to save, Link can jump from monkey to monkey, and reach Ook's lair. Inside, Ook and Link fight, and again Ook uses the Gale Boomerang against Link. He throws it at Link in an attempt to knock him over. After Ook has been defeated, he runs away, leaving the Gale Boomerang behind. Once Ook is completely gone, the Boomerang comes alive, and tells Link that the Fairy of Winds, the one talking, resides in the Boomerang.[6] It continues by saying Link freed it from evil, allowing it to regain its former power.[7] It ends by pleading Link to use it in his journey.[8] Link can grab it and use it to his advantage throughout his journey.

The Gale Boomerang has two main abilities: it can lock on to five targets at a time, and also can create a whirlwind or a mini-tornado when thrown. This is especially helpful in Link's journey, as it can blow things away, retrieve items, and to spin windmills. This is the first time in a The Legend of Zelda game in which the Boomerang has had this special power.

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