Ooccoo Jr.

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Ooccoo Jr.
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Ooccoo (Mother)

"Let me introduce you! This is Ooccoo Jr.!"

— Ooccoo

Ooccoo Jr. is a male character who makes his appearance in the various Dungeons throughout Twilight Princess. He is the son of Ooccoo, and both of them are members of the Oocca tribe. When Link asks Ooccoo, who can be found in any dungeon, to warp out, she retrieves Ooccoo Jr. to warp him out. Afterwards, he can ask Ooccoo Jr. to take him back to the place he left Ooccoo.[1][2] Unlike his mother, who has a full body, Ooccoo Jr. only has a head with wings attached.



  1. "Ooccoo will be waiting right here, so if you want to come back, just tell Ooccoo Jr. using [Y] or [X]." — In-game Description, Twilight Princess.
  2. "I'll wait here, so if you want to come back, tell Ooccoo Jr. with [+]!" — Ooccoo, Twilight Princess.