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Fishing Hole Operator[1]




Purdy (Pet Bird)[2]
Coro (Brother)[3][4]
Iza (Sister)[3][5]

Hena is a young woman[1] who appears in Twilight Princess. She is the owner of the Fishing Hole, which is a small fishing center north of Upper Zora's River.[1] Hena is very passionate about fishing, and is also very knowledgeable in the subject.[6] She lives a quiet life, living on the funds she gets from renting fishing boats and rods.

Link can talk to Hena and rent out a fishing rod and a fishing boat. For 100 Rupees Hena will come along with Link on his fishing quest as guide.[7] Before Link goes fishing, he can look at the various items within the building. Hena comments on all the various items as Link looks at them. Link can roll into the wall and break some of the jars, but Hena threatens to kick Link out of the building. Link then has to apologize in order to return. There are numerous photographs on the wall, including one of the Fisherman from Ocarina of Time. Hena calls him one of Hyrule's legendary fisherman, even saying he might be her ancestor.[8] If Links looks at the hat rack beside the door, Hena says that Link should take off his hat too, because it's polite to.[9]

Hena even invented her own minigame called Rollgoal that involves tilting a box to maneuver a marble along a course to the goal within a set time limit. Hena made 8 different courses for Link to navigate and 8 levels, with each subsequent level allowing less and less time to complete. Link will need to leave the hut and return to play the next course. Completing all 8 courses on the first level rewards Link with the right to use the Frog Lure. Link can play the game by observing it in 1st-Person view.

When fishing with Hena, she won't allow Link to use the Sinking Lure as she believes it is cheating[10] and can be harmful to the ecosystem.[11] She has pet cockatiel, named Purdy.[2] Hena has two siblings of which she is the youngest. She has an older brother Coro[3][4] and an older sister Iza.[3][5] During the end credits she can be seen together with Coro and Iza at the Fishing Hole.



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