Frog Lure

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Frog Lure

The Frog Lure is an item that is obtainable only in Twilight Princess.

It is shaped like a frog, and is obtained in Hena's Fishing Hole. This lure is gained by beating all eight levels of Hena's mini-game, Rollgoal. This lure is difficult to use, as Link must wait for a short time when it is put into the water in order to catch a Fish with it, otherwise the fish will lose interest and escape. The primary use of the frog lure is to catch the rare and legendary Hylian Loach. It is also useful for catching the Hyrule Bass, and other large fish.

Besides the Sinking Lure, this is the only lure that can catch the Hylian Loach, although the frog lure is the only legal way to do so. The Sinking Lure is illegal in the fishing hole, and is considered unfair because it sinks, and only floating lures are allowed. As such, Hena will take the lure away from Link if she sees it.