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This article is about wheels fitted to land vehicles. For other uses, see Wheel (Disambiguation).
Wheel - TotK.jpg
A wheel from Tears of the Kingdom



Hena's Fishing Hole (Twilight Princess)


Obtained from

Fishing (Twilight Princess)
Hudson Construction caches, Stables (Tears of the Kingdom)


None (Twilight Princess)
Fit to wagons (Tears of the Kingdom)



Wheels are round objects which help vehicles to move smoothly over ground. While Link often encounters wheeled vehicles such as wagons or trains in The Legend of Zelda series, he only occasionally encounters wheels as distinct items in their own right.

Twilight Princess


A wheel is a junk item that appears in Twilight Princess. While Link is fishing, he can occasionally find a broken wheel instead of a fish. It serves no real purpose and must be thrown away to help the environment.[1]

Intact wheels lie around Hidden Village, but cannot be used for any purpose.

Tears of the Kingdom

Link can find wheels sitting around stables and in Hudson Construction building material caches. They can be used with Ultrahand or Autobuild to repair, or as part of creating, wagons; including in the Horse-Drawn Dreams and Serenade to a Great Fairy quests. He cannot collect them directly into his inventory; but he can fuse them to weapons or shields, with a fuse attack power of 1.

There are also two types of Zonai Device wheel - Big Wheels, which are large but relatively slow and better for uneven terrain; and Small Wheels, faster but less able to deal with non-flat surfaces. See the individual pages for more information.


  1. "You caught a wheel... You didn't catch a fish, but at least you helped the environment! Dispose of it with [A]." — In-Game Description, Twilight Princess.