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This article is about the collectible in Twilight Princess. For the collectible in Tears of the Kingdom, see Poe. For the collectible in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, see Poe Spirit.
Poe Soul



All over Hyrule


Great Fairy's Tears Bottle
Ghost Lantern (Twilight Princess HD)
Unlimited Silver Rupees


Restores Jovani's soul (Twilight Princess)
Crafting material (Tri Force Heroes)


Poe Souls, or Poe's Souls, are a Side Quest item in Twilight Princess, and a material in Tri Force Heroes.

Twilight Princess

Poe Souls.png

Poe Souls are collectible items that can be torn from any Imp Poe in Twilight Princess. There are 60 to find in total, and the reward for finding all 60 is unlimited Rupees from Jovani's cat Gengle. Poes can only be seen during the dark in the overworld and are often found in caves. Ripping a Poe Soul from a Poe must be done as Wolf Link after it has been injured and falls to the ground.


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Imp Poes can be found across most of Hyrule. Besides the initial one in Jovani's House they can be found in or near Arbiter's Grounds, the Bulblin Fortress, the Cave of Ordeals, the City in the Sky, Death Mountain, Faron Woods, Gerudo Desert, Hidden Village, Hyrule Field, Kakariko Gorge, Kakariko Village, Lake Hylia, the Sacred Grove/Temple of Time, Snowpeak & the Snowpeak Ruins, and Zora's Domain.

Poe Soul Prizes

Jovani's House is the location that Link will receive the prizes for completing the Poe Souls side quest. The amount of Poe Soul required for each prize and the prize itself are all listed below:

Bottle of Great Fairy's Tears

Fairy tears.png
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After Link collects at least 20 Poe Souls and visits Jovani's House, Jovani gives Wolf Link a bottle of Great Fairy's Tears. Like Rare Chu Jelly, the Tears fully heal Link and temporarily double his attack power when used. After consuming the tears, the Empty Bottle may be used to hold any bottleable item.

Ghost Lantern (Twilight Princess HD only)

Ghost Lantern - TPHD icon.png
Main article: Ghost Lantern

In Twilight Princess HD, after collecting at least 20 Poe Souls and visiting Jovani's House, Jovani gives Link the Ghost Lantern. This special lantern, which does not require the use of oil, allows Link to easily discern whether a Poe may be found in a given area

Unlimited Silver Rupees

Silver Rupee - TPHD icon.png
Main article: Silver Rupee

On giving Jovani all 60 Poe Souls, Gengle will give Wolf Link a Silver Rupee (200 Rupees) every time he visits Castle Town. Leaving Castle Town and returning to Gengle will grant an additional Silver Rupee, indefinitely.

Tri Force Heroes

"Poes keep souls not in their body, but hidden elsewhere."

— In-game description (EU)
Poe Soul - TFH icon.png

Poe Souls are a material in Tri Force Heroes. Two are required to purchase the Light Armor and Serpent's Toga outfits from Madame Couture's.

Odds of receiving Poe Soul by level completion: