Mock Fairy

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Mock Fairy




1,000 Rupees


Craft the Showstopper

The Mock Fairy is a material in Tri Force Heroes. It can be used at Madame Couture's to make the Showstopper. It can be found in Sky Realm. Specifically, it can be found in the following levels: Floating Garden, Deception Castle, Dragon Citadel, and Sky Temple.

Odds of receiving Mock Fairy by level and challenge

  • Floating Garden
    • Don't fall at all (1/3)
  • Deception Castle
    • Don't fall at all (1/3)
  • Dragon Citadel
    • Avoid the volcanic rocks (1/3)
    • Don't fall at all (2/3)
  • Sky Temple
    • No challenge (1/3)
    • Clear without any items (2/3)