Kakariko Gorge

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Kakariko Gorge is a location that appears in Twilight Princess. It is located in the southeast (Wii) portion of the Eldin Province. Its main purpose is to connect the Faron section of Hyrule Field to the Eldin proportion of Hyrule. Crossing the gorge is done via a wooded bridge, however for a small section of the game the bridge is missing.


Link first encounters the Kakariko Gorge during his first visit to Eldin Province, which has been shrouded in perpetual Twilight. When Wolf Link nears the gorge, it appears that the bridge, connecting the opposing ends, is missing. Three Shadow Beasts then appear and attack the young hero. After defeating the dark beings, a portal is created, which Link can warp to. Midna mentions to Link that this was the work of the Shadow Beasts and that they may have left the bridge somewhere in Hyrule. Using Midna's warping ability, Link exits the Twilight and returns to Faron Woods. Conveniently, the bridge is situated just south of the warp point. Midna then warps the bridge back to Kakariko Gorge, thus allowing Link to continue on to Kakariko Village.

Points of Interest

There are a few notable items located here, all of which are very beneficial to Link.

Golden Bugs

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Link can find two Golden Bugs here, specifically the Male Pill Bug and the Female Pill Bug. These are just two of the 24 Golden Bugs that are scattered across Hyrule.

Piece of Heart

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There are two Pieces of Heart located in the Kakariko Gorge. The first is found in a cavern found on the south side wall. Link can traverse the cavern until the very end, where a Treasure Chest with a Piece of Heart inside is located. The second Heart Piece is found on the east (Wii) side, and requires the Double Clawshots to get to.

Sky Character

Main article: Sky Character

Link can also find a Sky Character here, on the northern portion of the area. This Sky Character is important to opening the way to the Sky Cannon.