Bridge of Eldin Cavern

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The Bridge of Eldin Cavern is a hidden underground cavern that is found in the area north of the Bridge of Eldin. Link can enter it after he has collected the Clawshot from the Lakebed Temple and the Iron Boots from Mayor Bo. It has a very similar design to the Goron Mines themselves, with pools of lava at the bottom and metallic platforms that bridge the gaps within the cavern.


There are only three different enemies that Link counters in this cavern, and oddly enough, they are all also found in the Goron Mines. These enemies include; Fire Keese, Bulblins, and two Dodongos.


There are three Treasure Chests located within the cavern that Link can find and open. On the second to bottom platform, there lies a hidden alcove, where a Dodongo guards a chest. If Link successfully defeats the Dodongo, he can proceed to open the chest, which contains a Red Rupee. Situated on the bottom level, there are two chests that Link can open. The first contains an Orange Rupee, which can be obtained by lighting the two torches that are found to the side of the room. If Link proceeds, he can find the final chest, which contains the main reward of the cavern, a Piece of Heart.