Graveyard (Twilight Princess)

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This article is about the Graveyard from Twilight Princess. For other uses, see Graveyard (Disambiguation).

The Graveyard is a location seen in Twilight Princess. It is situated within Kakariko Village, like it was in Ocarina of Time. The Graveyard itself is located behind Renado's house, the Sanctuary. This area seems to be deserted and, due to the state of the graves, it may have been left derelict. The graveyard itself is quite small, but it extends to the back into a larger area containing a small bed of water. This is where King Zora's Grave lies. Common enemies that reside within the Graveyard include Guays and, during the Twilight, Shadow Keese.


When first arriving at this area, Link is tasked with finding the sixteen Tears of Light by the Light Spirit, Eldin.[1] One of the tears is located in the graveyard. The Shadow Insect that possesses the tear tries to hide beneath the soil. Wolf Link has to dig near the insect to bring it back to the surface.

After saving Prince Ralis, Queen Rutela appears outside the Sanctuary. She leads Link to a secret location behind the Graveyard, known as King Zora's Grave.[2] Here, she removes the top of the grave, allowing Link to obtain the Zora Armor ― this was given by Rutela as a thank you gift for saving her son.[3] The Zora Armor allows the young hero to breathe underwater for an unlimited period of time, meaning he can reach previously inaccessible areas.

Later on in the game, Link has to investigate about a certain 'Snowpeak Beast' that has been trespassing in Zora's Domain.[4] Link receives a sketch from Ashei,[5] outlining the monster. Link returns to ask Prince Ralis about the Snowpeak Beast and the red fish he had taken from Zora's Domain. Ralis reveals that this fish is in fact a Reekfish,[6] and he hands Link a Coral Earring,[7] the only bait that can catch the Reekfish. Once Link has caught the rare fish, he can transform into a Wolf and learn the Reekfish Scent. This enables him to traverse safely through the treacherous Snowpeak.


Link can also find a Golden Bug in the Graveyard. This specific bug can be found in the western area, crawling beside a tree to the back of the graveyard. It is known as the Male Ant. Its partner, the Female Ant, can be found in one of the abandoned houses in Kakariko Village.

After Link has drawn the Master Sword from the Sacred Grove, two Poes appear within the Graveyard during the night. The first can be found floating around the middle of the Graveyard. The other can be found by pushing the first grave to the left; this action causes the Poe to reveal itself.


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