Kakariko Gorge Cavern

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The Kakariko Gorge Cavern is a hidden cave found along the southern wall of the Kakariko Gorge in Twilight Princess. The entrance is blocked by a large boulder, which can be destroyed with a Bomb, a Bomb Arrow, or even a Bombling. The cavern is accessible as soon as Link has obtained Bombs, but should not be entered until after Link has obtained the Shadow Crystal. This way, Link can defeat the Imp Poe inside and take its soul. There are three Treasure Chests lying in the depths of this cavern, and their contents are as follows: a Red Rupee, a Purple Rupee, and the main reward of this cavern, a Piece of Heart.


Throughout this cavern, Link will face multiple enemies, all defending the cavern. Listed below are all of these enemies.